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New Albums and Singles Preview - 2012 February Week 4

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New Albums and Singles Preview - 2012 February Week 4

Big Bang mini-album Vol. 5 – Alive (Feb. 29)

Big Bang is back with their highly anticipated five mini album "Alive." Big Bang has been known for coming up with the latest trends be it through their sound, performances or fashion. "Alive" is the most personal album of the group as they poured their hearts and souls to create this album, them who thought they wouldn't be able to comeback. The mini album comes in six different versions, including a group version and individual members versions. Member Daesung introduces his own solo song titled "Wings."

Brave Girls mini-album Vol. 2 – Re-issue (Released)

04 These Days You (Remix Ver.)       

Brave Brothers' protege Brave Girls are back with their addictive tunes and trendy sound. This time around, the girls have left their cute and sexy image at home and want to battle it up with boy groups which is also seen through their performances. "Re-Issue" which means "to be the center of attention once again" opens with an intro announcing that "B'Girls Are Back." Their new single "These Days You" is an electro pop number, reminiscent of Brave Brothers' previous productions.

Infinite (single) – Cover Girl: Second Invasion (Released)

Infinite has successfully kicked off their very first concert in Seoul on February 11 and February 12. The show sold out in less than ten minutes.  "Second Invasion" which is the name of their first concert was named after the group's first album "First Invasion" which has enjoyed tremendous success. Their new single "Cover Girl" is the live version of their previously released hit "Cover Girl." The song has been rearranged with a live band performance involving guitar riffs and a more dynamic sound of a live version. Infinite will hold a series of concerts for their Japanese fans on February 25 and 26.

Ilac/Monday Kiz (single) – Holiday (Released)

Monday Kiz's Han Seung Hee and solo singer Ilac teamed up to release a new single "Holiday." It's not their first collaboration single as Monday Kiz and Ilac also released another collaboration track "Letter," which is a duet between Monday Kiz's Lee Jin Sung and Ilac. "Holiday" is a ballad lead by acoustic guitar rythms and beautifully harmonized by Ilac and Han Seung Hee's soothing vocals. The song's choice of instruments have been reduced as much as possible to convey the singers' voices without any more artifice.

New Albums and Singles Preview - 2012 February Week 3

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New Albums and Singles Preview - 2012 February Week 3

Miss A, who promoted both in Korea and China last year with their first full-length album, “A Class” makes a comeback this year. Fans will be able to see a more mature side of the girls shown through their charming vocals and charisma.

K.Will mini-album Vol. 3 – I Need You (released)

K.Will returns with his third mini-album, a year since his last release. This time around, the singer joined hands with Kim Do Hun, who has written hits after hits for Wheesung, Lee Seung Ki, CN Blue, Baek Ji Young, and so forth. There are a total of six new songs with the title track being, “I Need You”. It is a medium-tempo neo-ballad number with incorporates both a 30 member orchestra as well as synths.

John Park mini-album Vol. 1 – Knock (Feb. 22)

John Park, who placed second in Superstar K2 releases his first mini-album titled, “Knock”. The title track is "Falling" which was produced by the singer himself. It is a pop number composed by British composer, Andy Platts and penned by the singer. John Park hopes to sing songs outside of the mainstream.

M To M (single) – Because Of That Guy (released)

02 Because of That Guy INST

Skilled vocal group, M To M makes a comeback this year with a brand new single, “Because of That Guy”. It is of the British rock genre, which is different from the group’s usual music style. The song is about a man feeling rage and resentment towards his lover’s boyfriend. The group does a great job showcasing these feelings. A 24-member orchestra took part in this song.

Lee Jung (single) – D-business Joint Vol. 2: Private (released)

Ballad and RB solo artist, Lee Jung returns with a brand new single titled, “Private”. This time around, the singer shows off his sexy vocals. The song is part of the D-Business Joint project and the singer hopes to show yet another side of him through this. “Private” is of the slow jam genre in which the lyrics and slow tempo are key points.

Kim Bo Kyung (single) – Even If I Close My Eyes (released)

01 Even If I Close My Eyes

Kim Bo Kyung, who rings the hearts of many with her vocals, has returned with “Even If I Close My Eyes”. The singer has collaborated with composer, Lovecity once more for this sad ballad about not being able to accept a breakup. Kim Bo Kyung’s subtle ways of expressing her feelings and the Korean-style melody the song gives are expected to capture listeners’ interest.

Kim Greem (single) – To You (released)

01 To You (Original Version)

02 To You (Orchestra Version)

Kim Greem returns after ten months with a country rock ballad titled, “To You”. Her mature vocals flow well with the acoustic sounds. Top composer, Jo Young Soo and lyricist Kang Eun Kyung have written this song about missing an ex-lover.

EXID (single) – Holla (released)

Rookie girl group, EXID, produced by Sinsadong Tiger, debuts this year with single, “Holla”. Their name stands for “Exceed in Dreaming” and consists of six members – leader Yuji, Dami, Hani, Haeryung, Junghwa, and LE. The title track is “Whoz That Girl”, a song that showcases each member’s respective skills.

Kim Kwang Suk - Best (Feb. 20)

Choi Woo Jun - Saza's Blues (Feb. 21)

Apollo 18 - Red/Blue/Violet Album (Feb. 21)

Soulights - Vol. 1 Seoulitude (Feb. 21)

We - The Party: Mini-Album 1 (Feb. 21)

Brave Girls - Re-Issue: Mini-Album 2 (Feb. 22)

Pony - Little Apartment (Feb. 22)

Lee Chi Won - Diorama (Feb. 22)

Noisecat - Vol. 3 Sunday Sunset Airlines (Feb. 23)

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New Albums and Singles Preview - 2012 February Week 2

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New Albums and Singles Preview - 2012 February Week 2

The Moon That Embraces the Sun OST (Feb. 15)

02 Moonlight Is Setting (Heora)

03Road of Tears (Wheesung)

05 The Moon That Embraces the Sun

07 Like a Petal, Like Flame

08 Love Is Leaving Sad Song

The soundtrack for the hit drama series, “The Moon That Embraces the Sun” which has over 40% viewer ratings, is finally released this month. It consists of four theme songs as well as sixteen background music numbers. Top artists Lyn, Monday Kiz, and Wheesung as well as rookie artist, Heora took part in the album. In addition, Korea’s top music directors, Kim Jun Seok and Jung Se Rin took part in the soundtrack.

Evan (mini-album) – Trying Not to Remember (Feb. 14)

02 Because You Weren’t There…Is That Why I Am Suddenly Sad…

03 Trying Not to Remember

06 Trying Not to Remember (Memory of Not Being a Memory)

Evan returns this month with a new mini-album titled, “Trying Not to Remember”. The singer composed, penned the lyrics, arranged, and produced the entire album once again. He joined hands with violinist, Yoo Nam Gyu to bring out a classical, yet a vintage feel. The title track is “Trying Not to Remember”, a song with British sounds. The song incorporates various instruments such as the drums, bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, as well as the piano.

Davichi (single) – Love Call with Davichi (released)

Korea’s top female duo, Davichi makes a comeback with a neo vintage number titled, “I Will Remember”. The song starts off with organ accompaniment which brings out a vintage feel. However, the song continues with refined beats and lyrics. Davichi is the first guest to take part in the Love Call project album. The producer of this album is Jeon Hae Seong who has also written Baek Ji Young’s “That Woman”, “Lee Seung Chul’s “Long Day”, and Yoon Do Hyun’s “Must Have Loved” to name a few.

Chocolat - The 2nd single album (released)

Chocolat comes before fans once more this year with their second single album. The title track is “One More Day” and the girls hope to warm the hearts of listeners with this sweet number. The song is about wanting to love and protect a ex-lover just one more day after breakup.

Min Hae Kyung - Since...1981 (Feb. 16)

Park Ji Yoon - Vol. 8 Dream About Becoming a Tree (Feb. 16)

Sources: Kyobobook, YesAsia, Naver, Hanteo

New Albums and Singles Preview - 2012 February Week 1

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New Albums and Singles Preview - 2012 February Week 1

SE7EN - New Mini Album: Somebody Else (released)

SE7EN, who is nearing ten years in the music industry returns once more with his second mini album. The singer has worked with various genres including hip-hop, RB, and electronic, and this time around comes before fans with genres that showcase his vocals. The title track is “When I Can’t Sing” which was produced by JYP. SE7EN’s perfect vocals and harmonization can be seen in this song. Another song worth mentioning is “Somebody Else”, a Teddy and Taeyang joint composition. It is an electronic pop song with charming guitar riffs and powerful and addictive electronic sounds.

Miryo – Miryo Aka Johoney (released)

01 Party Rock (feat. Gary_Leessang, The Koxx)

03 I Love You I Love You (feat. Sunny_SNSD)

04 Revenger (feat. Rude Paper)

05 Leggo (feat. Narsha_Brown Eyed Girks)

Brown Eyed Girls’ rapper, Miryo makes a comeback this year with her first solo album, “Miryo aka Johoney”. The title track is “Dirty”, a Ichiro Suezawa composition. The song holds lyrics about feeling betrayed due to love. It is of the pop rock genre with playful lyrics about revenge. Also included in the album are “Party Rock” which features hot indie band, The Koxx, “I Love You I Love You” which features SNSD’s Sunny, and “Leggo” featuring Brown Eyed Girls’ own Narsha.

Jay Park - Vol. 1: New Breed (Feb. 9)

11 Can’t Be Without You (Acoustic Version)

Jay Park returns this year with his first full-length album titled, “New Breed”. The title track is “Know Your Name”, a pop euro dance number with hip-hop elements. It is expected to be a hit this year. There are a total of fifteen tracks of various genres such as electronic hip-hop, RB, and dance in this album. Jay Park’s album is all the more anticipated due to Rob Knox’s participation in the album. Knox is a famous producer and composer who has worked with top artists along the likes of Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Chris Brown, and Britney Spears.

04 Secret Date (feat. Song Ji Eun of Secret)

Rookie boy group, B.A.P debuts this year with their first album titled, “Warrior”. Their name is an acronym for “Best, Absolute, Perfect” and the band consists of six members including Bang Yong Gook and Zelo who have already took part in various songs already. The title track is “Warrior”, a strong hop-hop number with krump and rock elements. The song holds a message of changing the various problems happening in today’s society.

Spica Mini Album Vol. 1 – Russian Roulette (Feb. 9)

Rookie girl group, SPICA releases their first mini-album this month titled, “Russian Roulette”. The title track is of the same title and was co-composed by Han Jae Ho and Kim Seung Su. It is a medim-tempo dance number with rock and electronica elements. The strong beats along with the guitar and string accompaniment makes the song all the more better. The song is about asking an ex-lover for one last chance to get back together.

K.Will (single) – Hate Myself (released)

K.Will returns after a year with a digital single, “Hate Myself” in midst of a new album. The song was composed by hit maker Kim Do Hun who has written songs for Baek Ji Young, Lee Seung Gi, CN Blue, Wheesung, as well as others. The lyrics on the other hand were written by Min Yeon Jae who has worked with 4men. This song is about not being able to live normally after a breakup.

Yong Jun Hyung (single) – Living Without You (released)

B2ST’s fans are in for a treat as rapper Yong Jun Hyung releases his solo number, “Living Without You”  a week after a new B2ST single, “Knew It Would Be Like This” was released. The song is of the hip-hop genre and was co-created by the rapper himself and Kim Tae Ju. The song is about a man’s feelings after breakup.

Scary'p - Producizm (Feb. 7)

Shin Chi Rim - Episode 1: Travel (Feb. 7)

Beautiful Days - Vol. 4: Confession (Feb. 9)

Save the Air: Green Concert Vol. 2 (Feb. 9)

Sources: Kyobobook, YesAsia, Naver, Hanteo

New Albums and Singles Preview - 2012 January Week 2

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New Albums and Singles Preview - 2012 January Week 2

MBLAQ 4th mini-album – 100% Ver (released)

MBLAQ returns this new year armed 100% with a fourth mini-album. Through the title track, “It’s War” along with the rest of the album, the boys are expected to show fans a strong image. It is said the title track was pre-selected a year and one month in advance.

Sunny Hill (maxi single) – The Grasshopper (released)

03 The Grasshopper Song

Sunny Hill has come before fans with unique concepts through “Midnight Circus” and “Prayer and has received much love within the past year. This time, the group has returned with a maxi single titled, “The Grasshoppers”. The title track is “The Grasshopper Song” which is based off one of Aesop’s Fables, “The Ant and the Grasshopper”. As the story suggests, this exciting dance number is about wanting to live like the carefree grasshopper without minding what other people think. It was composed by hit maker, Lee Min Su and penned by Kim Ina who are also responsible for hits such as “A Good Day” and “Abracadabra”.

Dynamic Duo Vol. 6 - Digilog 2/2 (released)

10 Art of Love (Primary Remix)

Dynamic Duo releases part two of their sixth album, “Digilog” which marks their tenth anniversary in the music scene. As the album title suggests, the duo has experimented with both digital and analog sounds to create new music. The title track is “Without You”, a song with sophisticated beats and lyrics about a man missing the lover who has just left him. Also included in the album is “Namsan Woman” which has 90’s beats. It features UV, making the song all the more interesting.

Young Jun (Brown Eyed Soul) Vol.1 – Easy (Jan. 19)

03 You Over Flowers (Original Version)

08 You Over Flowers (feat. Simon D)

Brown Eyed Soul’s Young Jun comes before fans as the last member of the group to release a solo album. Through this album titled, “Easy”, the musician is able to show his skills as a solo artist. There are a total of nine tracks with the title track being “Forget”. His surprising soft vocals bring out the 90’s pop ballad style he has always wanted to try.

Clazzi Vol. 1 – Infant (Jan. 17)

01 Bad Girl (with Whale of WWhale)

02 LoveHate (with Lee Seung Yeoul/Rap MYK)

03 Where’s Dance (With JinSil of Mad Soul Child)

04 40 Nights (with Hyun SongSu Ryun of Koxx)

05 Star Child (with Christina/Rap MYK)

06 We Changed (with Seul Ong of 2AM)

07 Can Only Feel (with Kim Wan Sun)

08 Loving You (with Jang Woo Hyuk, Hyuna of Urban Zakapa)

09 Sexy Doll (with KotaJubi of Sunny Hill/Rap MYK)

10 Crazy for Love (with Christina)

11 [Bonus Track] We Changed (Remix Version)

The mastermind behind Clazziquai is none other than Clazzi who he has returned after four years with his solo album, “Infant”. There are eleven electronic pop music in the album, all of which features various artists such as 2PM’s Seul Ong, Mad Soul Child, Sunny Hill, and Whale of WWhale. These musicians help bring different color and styles to Clazzi’s trendy songs, making it all the more exciting and anticipated by fans.

Wonder Girls (single) – The DJ Is Mine (released)

02 The DJ is Mine (feat. School Gyrls)

Wonder Girls releases a new single, “The DJ Is Mine” in preparation for their advancement into the American music scene. The song is of the dubstep genre with shuffle dance beats. The lyrics were written by Cri$tyle who has worked with Rihanna while the dance was choreographed by Beyonce’s choreographer, Jonte. Last but not least, the music video was directed by Ethan Lader who has also worked with Bruno Mars and Enrique Iglesias. Also included in the single is a version featuring School Gyrls.

Rainbow Pixie (single) – Hoi Hoi (released)

Rainbow’s sub-unit group, Rainbow Pixie comes before fans with their first single, “Hoi Hoi”. It has exciting beats as well as an addictive melody.  The girls’ pixie-like visuals along with their cute performance is expected to capture listeners under their spell.

Koyote (single) – Say the Same Words Again (released)

02 Say the Same Words Again

04 Say the Same Words Again INST

Mixed group, Koyote returns after five month with a new single, “Say the Same Words”. The song was composed by the Brave Brothers and produced by Elephant Kingdom which is a part of the Brave Sounds Company. The trendy electronic sounds along with Koyote’s own color make this song danceable to. Also included in the album is upbeat dance track, “Goodbye”.

Nine Muses (single) – News (released)

After debuting last year with “Let’s Have a Party”, Nine Muses returns this year with their second digital single, “News”. This song showcases both the girls’ chic and sexy images with the help of the song’s cool lyrics. The group made their comeback on the 12th on Mnet Countdown and will promote this song on KBS, MBC, and SBS’ respective shows.

Kim Yeon Ji (single) – M/Project Vol. 1 (released)

Seeya’s Kim Yeon Ji participates in M Project’s first story this year with “Run Away”. Through this ballad number, the singer is able to shine as a solo artist. The addictive melody and sad lyrics tells a tale of a woman's feelings after a breakup.

GI - Expected Explosion (Jan. 16)

Poetry - Vol. 1 I Love You, Have No Hope (Jan. 17)

Bizniz - Strictly Bizniz (Jan. 17)

Apollo 18 - Red Album (Jan. 17)

Sources: Kyobobook, YesAsia, Naver, Hanteo

New Albums And Singles Preview - 2013 February Week 4

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New Albums And Singles Preview - 2013 February Week 4

12 Mr. Bang (Feat. Maboos Chakun)

Teen Top makes a comeback this year with their first full-length studio album, “No. 1.” There are a total of twelve tracks of various genres ranging from hip-hop, ballad, to RB. The title track is “Miss Right,” a fresh track with an easy to remember melody line. Other songs worth mentioning are RB track, Missing You,” dance track, “Why,” and hip-hop number, “Mr. Bang.”

Kim Jae Joong (JYJ) – Y (released)

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong releases his repackaged first album, Y.” There are a total of nine tracks including songs from his first album along with two brand new tracks. These two numbers are RB ballad, “Kiss Me” and new electro house track, “Only Love.” Jaejoong himself took part in co-composing and co-writing the latter song with Aziatix’s very own Flowsik.

Hyung Don and Dae Jun (mini-album) – Sweet Gangster Rap Volume 1 (released)

Hyung Don and Dae Jun releases their second mini-album, “Sweet Gangster Rap Volume 1.” This album has five songs, all worthy of being title tracks. The album starts off with a funny intro, followed by “Get Out of My Sight,” and previously released, “Please Meet Me.” Listeners will get a kick out of this album.

Girl’s Day (single) – White Day (released)

Girl’s Day releases a new single in midst of their upcoming album release. The song is “White Day,” a sweet number about a girl who excitedly waits for White Day after confessing her love on Valentine’s Day. The song was created by the composers of “Twinkle Twinkle” and “Hold Me Just Once.”

Yong Jun Hyung, Feeldog, LE (single) – Outrageous (released)

Korea’s top rappers, B2ST’s Yong Jun Hyung, Big Star’s Feeldog, and EXID’s LE have joined forces for their latest single, “Outrageous.” This hip-hop number holds lyrics about a couple who explains their respective side of the story after getting into a fight. It is said that Yong Jun Hyung and LE took part in writing the lyrics to this song.

Verbal Jint (single) – If This Isn’t Love (released)

01 If This Isn’t Love (feat. Ailee)

02 If This Isn’t Love INST

Verbal Jint joins hands with Ailee for his latest single, If This Isn’t Love.” Composed and penned by the singer himself, this retro-soul number holds lyrics about a man who loves a girl, but fears he isn’t good enough for her.

New Albums And Singles Preview - 2013 February Week 3

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New Albums And Singles Preview - 2013 February Week 3 SHINee Vol. 3 – Chapter 1 “Dream Girl: The Misconceptions of You” (Feb. 20)

SHINee makes a comeback this year with their third album, “Chapter 1 “Dream Girl: The Misconceptions of You.” It’s been eleven months since their last release. “Sherlock.” There are a total of nine songs in this album including the titular, “Dream Girl.’

B.A.P mini-album Vol. 2 – One Shot (released)

B.A.P, who has gained much recognition ever since their debut returns with a new mini-album, “One Shot.” The title track is of the same name and holds lyrics about trying one’s best and always seizing the day. The song starts off with orchestral accompaniment followed by sounds that are expected to ring listeners’ hearts.

Kim Tae Woo mini-album – T-Love (Feb. 20)

Kim Tae Woo sends love to listeners through his latest mini-album, “T-Love.” There are a total of five tracks which hold lyric of various loves stories. It is said that Kim Tae Woo experimented with new genres for this album.

Nu`est mini-album Vol. 2 – Hello (released)

03 Introduce Me To Your Nuna

04 A Little Bit (feat. Yun Han (Pop Pianist))

Urban electro band, NU’EST returns with their second mini-album, “Hello.” The boys have come back more mature than ever with their dramatic love performance and music. The title track is “Hello.”

Teen Top (single) – Want to Love (released)

Teen Top, who has released hits after hits has returned with a brand new single, “Want to Love.” It is a minor dance number which hold lyrics about a man who wants to start loving again after getting hurt from a previous relationship.

New Albums and Singles Preview 2013 – February Week 2

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New Albums and Singles Preview 2013 – February Week 2 Rainbow Vol. 1-1 – Rainbow Syndrome (Feb. 13)

05. The Story That Only Ill Know And Youll Never Know

The colorful girl group Rainbow has returned! Rainbow finally makes their come back after one year and eight months of hiatus with their first full-length album, Rainbow Syndrome. This album will clearly show Rainbows multidimensional charms. Their album will be divided into two parts to better showcase Rainbows different musical colors.  The title track is Tell Me Tell Me.

10cm 2nd EP – Oh Yeah (released)

Acoustic duo 10cm returns with their second EP with two title tracks, Oh Yeah and Nothing Without You. The entire album is filled with sounds that 10cm has never experimented with before. Fans, who loved 10cm for placing their musical emotions rather than tracks that would sell, will not be disappointed with their new album.

Kim Jin Ho (SG Wannabe) Vol. 1 – Today (Feb. 14)

09. On My Way To School (Feat. Lee Hae Ri of Davichi)

SG Wannabes Kim Jin Ho releases his first solo album! This is Kim Jin Hos first solo album after his debut nine years ago. Kim Jin Ho truly shows his musical talents and skills by writing and composing all ten tracks in his album. All tracks were written based on stories about his family, friends and love. Not only does this album show Kim Jin Hos musical abilities but his heart as well.

Kim Jin Hos title track Do You Know? expresses the longing and regret about the past with a beautiful melody.

Seo In Gook (single)I Cant Live Because Of You (released)

01. I Cant Live Because Of You (Feat. Verbal Jint)

02. I Cant Live Because Of You (Inst.)

One of Jellyfish Entertainments hottest artist, Seo In Gook, releases a special project single album with the assistance of a star-studded team including producers Hwang Se Jun and Kim Do Hun as well as rapper Verbal Jint.

I Cant Live Without You is a sweet love song written by the hit lyricist Min Yeon Jae with the rap lyrics written by Verbal Jint himself. The track expresses the honest feelings of a person who has fallen in love. Seo In Gooks sweet voice paired with Verbal Jints honest rap lyrics add up to a top-notch love song!

LED Apple (single) – I’ll Be There For You (released)

02. Ill Be There For You (Inst.)

LED Apple releases a special digital single with Ill Be There For You, a sad and emotional ballad that expresses the lingering feelings of love toward a past lover.

For this track, LED Apple excludes the electronic sounds that theyve used in the past and instead uses the basic instruments of drums, guitar and piano. The poetic melody is highlighted with Hanbyuls strong voice.

LED Apples Ill Be There For You is also gaining attention for being played in the background of MBCs current drama, 7th Level Civil Servant.

Thanks to jnkm for translations.

New albums and singles preview for the 2nd week of December, 2012

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New albums and singles preview for the 2nd week of December, 2012

Zia mini-album – Anemone (released)

03 Tears Falling (feat. Park Kyung of Block B)

05 I Need You (Duet With Huh Gak)

The queen of ballads, Zia returns with a new mini-album titled “Anemone” this month. The title track is “One Year Worth,” a masterpiece composed by 015B’s Jung Seok Won who is also known for writing songs for IU, Gain, and Park Jung Hyun to name a few. “One Year Worth” is an emotional ballad with piano and acoustic guitar sounds. It holds lyrics about a person who waits for an ex-lover for a year.

Hello Venus mini-album Vol. 2 – What Are You Doing Today (Dec. 12)

01 What Are You Doing Today?

Six-member girl group, Hello Venus makes a comeback with their second mini-album, “What Are You Doing Today.” The title track is of the same name and is a pop dance number composed by Korea’s hit makers Jo Young Soo and Kim Tae Hyun. This addictive number is expected to be a hit. Also included in the album are medium pop number, “Romantic Love” and electronic sound winter song, “Winter Fantasy.”

The Seeya mini-album Vol. 1 – Love U (released)

01 Poison (feat. Haeri of Davichi)

05 Poison (Only The Seeya)

06 My Heart is Dying (Female Version)

07 My Heart is Dying (feat. Speed)

The Seeya releases their first mini-album titled, “Love U” this year. The title track is “Poison,” a beautiful medium-tempo ballad number featuring Lee Haeri of Davichi. The song compares the pain one feels from breakup with poison. The group hopes this song will help those who are hurt from love. The three remaining tracks, “Farewell Dinner,” “Your Wedding,” and “That Winter” are also worth listening as they were gifts from rookie producer, 79 who has recently gained a lot of attention and fame.

Nell – Holding Onto Gravity (released)

03 Holding Onto Gravity

Korea’s top modern rock band, Nell releases the first out of a three part series of “Gravity.” The first part is “Holding Onto Gravity” which holds four tracks including the titular “White Night.” The song is about the mental state of staying in one place as if gravity was pulling a person back. Nell’s unique sounds can be heard through this representative track.

Jung Yup Vol. 2, Part 2 – There Is No Us (Dec. 12)

05 Ah..It Was You (Postino Remix) (Bonus Track)

Jung Yup releases part two of his second album titled, “There I No Us.” The artist’s individual charms resonates in each song including the title track, “There Is No Us.” The singer does a great job showcasing the sadness of the song. Instruments such as the cello, guitar and piano were used to further bring out this mood.

Secret (single) – Talk That (released)

After having much success with “Poison,” Secret returns with a brand new single titled, “Talk That.” Composed and penned by Sinsadong Tiger, this number is about a woman who is hurt by love. Listeners will be able to feel a girl’s heart through this song.

Mighty Mouth (single) – Good-bye (released)

Mighty Mouth comes before fans with a brand new digital single titled, “Good-Bye” in midst of member Sangchu’s mandatory military service. Featuring Soya, this song has low-fi hip-hop beats and is about telling a lover how much he loves her before leaving for military service.

ZE:A (single) – Beautiful (released)

ZE:A returns with an emotional RB ballad number titled, “Beautiful.” Through this song, the boys hope to show their soft side. Composed and penned by Rado and Polar Bear, this song holds lyrics about a boy who shyly confesses his love for a girl.

New Albums and Singles Preview for the 3rd week of October, 2012

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New Albums and Singles Preview for the 3rd week of October, 2012

01 Up feat. Park Bom of 2NE1

05 You Don’t Deserve Her feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo

Epik High releases nine tracks (plus an interlude number) to commemorate their ninth anniversary in the music industry through their latest seventh album titled, “99.”  The title track is “Up,” a powerful hip-hop number featuring 2NE1’s Park Bom. Also included in the album are previously released number, “It’s Cold” featuring Lee Hai, double title track, “Don’t Hate Me,” and electro/dub-step number, “Kill This Love.”

02 Ice Cream (feat. Maboos)

Hyuna is back with her second mini-album titled, “Melting.” The title track is “Ice Cream,” a powerful hip-hop number composed by the Brave Brothers. Other songs worth noting are “Don’t Be Messy,” a solo rap number that showcases her rapping skills and teen pop number, “Green Apple.”

Block B Vol. 1 – Blockbuster (Oct. 25)

Block B makes a comeback this year with their first full-length album, “Blockbuster.” There are a total of twelve tracks with the title track being, “Nilili Mambo.” It is a hip-hop beat number with orchestra arrangements. Other songs worth mentioning are funky number, “Mental Breaker” and hip-hop number, “No Joke.”

B.A.P 3rd single album: Yes Sir (Oct. 25)

B.A.P releases their third single album, “Yes Sir.” The title track is “Stop It,” a hip-hop number with dance rhythms popular in the 90’s. The album also includes RB number, “Happy Birthday” and intro number, “Yes Sir” which has 80’s old school sounds.

Hot Potato Vol. 5 – Who Doesn’t Like Sweet Things (Oct. 29)

05 “Butterfly Comes Because There’s a Flower” Is Our Thoughts

08 Yeouido’s Flowers Are Lucky

Hot Potato makes a comeback after four years with their fifth album titled, “Who Doesn’t Like Sweet Things.” Songs worth mentioning are light rhythmic, “Alarm,” “Arm Pillow,” with soft string melodies, and bokgo number, “Butterfly Comes Because There’s a Flower” Is Our Thoughts.”

Seo In Young (single) – Let’s Dance (released)

Seo In Young, who had released a digital single titled, “Anymore,” in August makes a comeback with  a brand new single titled, “Let’s Dance.” It is an electro-disco/post-disco number of the 80s. The fast beats, danceable rhythms, and addictive melodies make this song a catch.

Jessica (single) – Younique Album Vol. 2: My Lifestyle (released)

01 My Lifestyle (Feat. Dok2)

Jessica is the next guest following BoA to take part in the “Younique Album.” Her single is “My Lifestyle,” an upbeat number with a vintage feel to it. This trendy number features hip-hop rapper, Dok2.

BoA (single) – Younique Album LOOKIN` (released)

01 LOOKIN’s (feat. The Quiett)

BoA releases a new single, “LOOKIN” for those who enjoy a unique lifestyle. The song holds lyrics about always living for something new and different. Rapper, The Quiett is featured in this song.

Kim Greem (single) – Date (released)

Kim Greem releases a digital single titled, “Date” this month.  It is a Jo Young Soo and An Young Min collaboration. It is a folk pop number with a melody line easy enough for listeners to sing-along to.  It is a lovely number about confessing one’s love.