21800police Called To Deal With Crowd At Teen Top Fan Signing Event

Police Called to Deal With Crowd at Teen Top Fan Signing Event

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Police Called to Deal With Crowd at Teen Top Fan Signing Event

Teen Top’s popularity is responsible for paralyzing a shopping center in Gwangju. On February 1, Teen Top met with their fans at a fan meeting in a local music store in Chungjang-ro, Gwangju. The area was immobilized due to the immense size of the crowds which gathered for the event.

Prior to the signing, eager fans lined up outside the store hoping to get a glimpse of Teen Top. After the event, Teen Top had to remain inside thestore for close to an hour due to the crowd that accumulated.

The congestion caused by the crowd of fans also aroused complaints from neighbors. Authorities were dispatched after a number of other establishments in the area filed complaints. Once the police arrived, they were able to bring order to the ensuing mob of fans, and the members of Teen Top were finally able to leave.

An employee of the music store commented, “We hosted many fan signing events in the past, but we have never seen a crowd as large as this. I was quite shocked at the popularity of Teen Top.”

Teen Top hopes to one day conquer the music world; lately their popularity has been on the rise as they continue to promote their latest hit track, “Going Crazy.”

Teen Top Causes Event to Stop for Some Time Due to Large Crowd

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Teen Top Causes Event to Stop for Some Time Due to Large CrowdTeen Top held a High Touch event in Tokyo, Japan on June 18. Approximately 5,000 fans came to see their favorite Hallyu idol. According to Teen Tops agency TOP Media, Teen Top invited randomly chosen 1,000 fans who bought Teen Tops license album, which was released prior to Teen Tops official debut in Japan, to this High Touch event. However, a lot more fans showed up ranging from teenagers in their school uniforms to  mother fans with children in their arms.

During this High Touch event, members of Teen Top approached a fan in a wheel chair, but the other excited fans started to move towards Teen Top, causing several fans in the front to fall down. Due to this dangerous incident, the event was suspended momentarily until more staff members were put in to the event and the excited fans finally calmed down.

A representative from the sponsoring company of the event, Universal Music, commented, Teen Top has become extremely popular among teenagers in Japan. Such hype is visible at this event today. Teen Top began Teen Top Zepp Tour 2012 in Osaka, Japan on June 19. They will be performing in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo during this concert tour.

Lee Min Ho's Fan Signing Event Cancelled Due to Overwhelming Crowd

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Lee Min Ho's Fan Signing Event Cancelled Due to Overwhelming Crowd

Actor Lee Min Ho's fan signing event in China drew in an unexpectedly large amount of people, which caused the event to be cancelled.

On April 3, according to Lee Min Ho's agency, Starhaus Entertainment, the signing event in China was supposed to take place on April 2 at a store opening for Semir. However, due to an overflow of people, the event got cancelled.

Semir is a popular Chinese clothing brand that has over 6,000 stores all over the country. In light of the new store that was being opened, Lee Min Ho, who is the official model for the brand, was supposed to hold a fan signing event.

However, huge crowds of people started to camp out from the night before the event to see Lee Min Ho. On the day of the event, 5,000 people were already gathered. The crowd was overflowing the square, which was causing quite a bit of problems.

The employees of the store were trapped inside by the crowd of people and could not go outside. Initially, there were 100 event staff and security staff but the situation called for an additional 300 people to alleviate the situation.

Eventually, the event was cancelled to avoid any accidents or hazards. It is reported that Lee Min Ho just stayed around his hotel and did not even lay a step onto the event location. On that very night, he had to fly back to Korea.

Sources from Semir said, "A lot of time and expenses were used to prepare for this event so we are very disappointed that it was cancelled. However, due to this incredible turn up of people, many news agencies were present and it helped our brand image in a positive way."

Lee Min Ho made a last minute video clip to show to the fans who turned up at the event. In the clip he said, "I'm so upset that I won't get to see all of you. I promise you that I will come back at the next opportunity," as he expressed his apologies and thanks. This clip was broadcasted at the square and drew loud cheers and applause from fans.

Lee Min Ho tried his best to give something back to his fans and gave out 300 signatures in two hours.

Meanwhile, after Lee Min Ho returned to Korea, he posted on his Weibo, "Thank you so much to all the fans who waited for such a long time at the event. But on one side, I'm so disappointed that I couldn't get to meet you. I hope I can see you all very soon."

Police Show up at Teen Top’s Autograph Signing Event

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Police Show up at Teen Top’s Autograph Signing Event

Teen Tops popularity was proven by paralyzing part of Gwangju at a fan signing event which led to eventually dispatching the police on February 1st.

As news of the groups arrival started to spread the fans gathering outside grew larger. Fans gathered outside to catch a glimpse of Teen Top caused the group to stay inside the shop for approximately an hour even after the event.

The police was called to the location due to the commotion fans were causing to the nearby shops. As the crowd of people became controlled and put in order then the Teen Top members were able to exit then.

We have had many autograph sessions, but weve never had a crowd as big as this one. It was the most popular event since 2PM singing last year, so it was surprising, shared an employee of the store.

EXO to Wrap Up Promotions With Fan Signing and Chatting Event for Enthusiasts

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EXO to Wrap Up Promotions With Fan Signing and Chatting Event for 

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Physically Powerful>EXODUS

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Physically Powerful>LOVE ME Appropriate

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Physically Powerful>CALL ME Infant

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Physically Powerful>EXO PLANET #2 The EXOluXion in BEIJING

Physically Powerful> on July 18-19.

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Physically Powerful>Love Me Right

Physically Powerful> from YesAsia Comparable

Teen Top has reportedly brought home the first victory with the song called “Ah-Ah”

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Teen Top Takes 1st Win on Music Show with Ah-Ah on The Show On the June 30 broadcast of SBS MTVs The Show, Teen Top took their first win on a music show with Ah-Ah.

The group went up against AOA, MAMAMOO, BTS, and SISTAR, and beat out second place group BTS by just a hair with a two point differential.

SISTAR came in third, AOA fourth, and MAMAMOO fifth.

Meanwhile, this weeks episode featured performances by Teen Top, BTS, SISTAR, AOA, MAMAMOO, a comeback stage by NS Yoon-G, and more. Girls Day is slated to make a comeback next week. Check out some of the performances below; they will be updated as they become available!

Teen Top has reportedly wowed people with the introduction of the song called “Natural Born" which brought them the victory in the Music Charts

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Teen Top Tops Domestic Music Charts with Natural Born in First Week of Release Within the first week of its release, Teen Tops brand new album Natural Born has topped a number of domestic weekly album charts.

Teen Top charged first and second place in album sales with the Passion and Dream editions of their new album on Hanteo and Synnara Records music sites, among others. On both charts, AOA came in third with their mini album Heart Attack.

Meanwhile, Teen Top released the music video for Ah-Ah on June 22 and has already launched into promotions on music shows. They are scheduled to hold a solo concert in Japan on July 4.

Teen Top Natural Born Support the artist by buying Natural Born from YesAsia Related

Teen Top Members have stunned people when admitting to having felt Embarrassed by Racy Lyrics in the song called "Ah-Ah′

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Teen Top Members  have  stunned people when admitting to having felt Embarrassed by Racy Lyrics in the song called

-- The Teen Top members revealed that they′re a little embarrassed by the lyrics in their new song.

Teen Top appeared as guests on the June 25 broadcast of SBS Power FM′s Cultwo Show, where they appeared embarrassed explaining the lyrics to new song Ah-Ah.

The DJs said, "The lyrics to the new song are sexy. Is it talking about wanting to be with someone for 24 hours, from morning to morning?"

Niel then responded, "If you think about the lyrics like that, it can sound sexy."

Ricky added, "It talks about how [her] backside is nice and her butt is the best, and the lyrics are about telling a girl you want her to to stay with you. Because the word ′butt′ is in the lyrics, it was kind of embarrassing."

Teen Top returned with Natural Born Teen Top on June 22 and are currently promoting title song Ah-Ah.

TEEN TOP promise to hold free hug event if they land #1

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TEEN TOP promise to hold free hug event if they land #1

The boys of TEEN TOP promised to hold a free hug event should they win #1 with their latest track "Ah-Ah"!

At their showcase on June 23 for "Natural Born TEEN TOP", the group was asked what they"d do for fan service if they win 1st. They said, "We"ll hold a free hug event at a concert. We won"t hug everyone. There will be some people who won"t want to. These days, fans know boundaries, and there are fans who only want to watch us from afar. It won"t be everyone."

Does this make you want to vote for TEEN TOP? How are you likingTEEN TOP"s comebackwith "Ah-Ah"?

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Teen Top has wowed people with the introduction of the amazing music video designed for the song called “Ah-Ah”

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Teen Top Releases Fun MV for Ah-Ah Boy group Teen Top has officially made their comeback with their latest title track Ah-Ah!

The brightly-colored music video starts off with the members of the boy group trying to woo girls in a quirky diner. The video also shows some great choreography with impressive footwork, as well as the boys having some silly fun in a gas station and the diner.

Their mini album Natural Born Teen Top was also released today. The title track Ah-Ah, a breezy but catchy summer jam, was written by up-and-coming composer Black Eyed Pilsung. 

Watch Teen Tops music video for Ah-Ah below!

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