Go Ara’s mysterious brown eyes are not thanks to circle lenses

Go Ara denied the stories that she uses circle lenses.On the January 5th installment of KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Together 3′, Park Yong Woo revealed, “I thought at first that Go Ara was wearing lenses

Go Ara’s mysterious brown eyes are not thanks to circle lenses

denied the stories that she uses circle lenses.

On the January 5th installment of 2TV’s ‘Happy Together 3′, revealed, “I thought at first that Go Ara was wearing lenses.”

Comedians G4 gathered around Go Ara to get a look at her mysterious brown eyes. Kim Won Hyo said, “Greek, (she) looks Greek.”

Go Ara said, “(They are not circle lenses), my eye color is originally like that.” As she was complimented, “So Beautiful!”, Go Ara said, “Thank you” and poked at her cheeks with her fingers with much aegyo and had G4 go wild.

On the same installment of ‘Happy Together 3′, Park Yong Woo, Go Ara, and appeared as guests and the assisting MC’s, G4 members Ho, Huh Kyung Hwan, Kim Won Hyo, and Jung Bum Kyun were on board as well.

Source: NewsEN via Nate

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