‘Dream High 2′, all the lead characters including ‘Eden’ members revealed

‘Dream High 2′, all the lead characters including ‘Eden’ members revealed

Dream High 2, all the lead characters including Eden members revealed

Premiering on January 30th, KBSs new drama Dream High 2s main characters along with the previously kept in secret, the two male members of Eden have been revealed.

Dream High 2s production company CJ Media released an official poster revealing all six main characters of the drama, Park Jiyeon, JB, Hyorin, Park Seo Jun, Jung Jinwoon, and Kang So Ra.

Kang So Ra plays the character Hye Sung, who learned music from books and suffers from inferiority complex. Jung Jinwoon (Yoo Jin) is a big talker problem child, who dreams of becoming a rockstar. Park Jiyeon (Lian) dreams of one day becoming the queen of the Cannes Film Festival, but her acting is atrocious. Hyorin (Nana) is the lead vocal of the group Eden, who possesses cool personality. Another member of Eden JB (JB) is a genius perfectionist idol and Park Seo Jun (Si Woo) always has his ways with the ladies.

The poster has revealed the two members of Eden, JB and Si Woo, who were kept in secret until now. The two characters are showing off charismatic looks on the poster.

Dream High 2 will feature the battle between the worst idols vs. the real idols in exhilarating team battles.

Source: Star News via Nate