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CNBLUE’s “I’m Sorry” Is One of 2013′s Most Loved Songs in Taiwan

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CNBLUE’s “I’m Sorry” Is One of 2013′s Most Loved Songs in Taiwan Idol band CNBLUE‘s “I’m Sorry” has been confirmed as the most loved Korean song in Taiwan last year.

According to an announcement made by FNC Entertainment on March 26, Taiwanese ranking show Hit FM recently revealed the top 100 favorite songs on 2013. CNBLUE confirmed their popularity by landing on the sixth spot on the list.

Out of the 100 most played tracks, 54 songs are sung in Chinese, 18 tracks are from Indonesia, and the rest are from various countries. A total of 17 Korean songs made it to the list, and CNBLUE’s “I’m Sorry” ranked the highest among them.

Hit FM 100 is an annually released Taiwanese chart that ranks the year’s hits. The lists tend to include a mix of Chinese, Korean, other Asian, and Western songs, and the songs are chosen through number of plays on the radio, the album sales, and an internet poll. This year, over 10 million people participated in voting for their favorite song.

In related news, CNBLUE is about to wrap up their promotions for their latest mini album “Can’t Stop.” They also took home the win on Music Bank this week.

Taiwan Chooses CN Blue’s ‘I’m Sorry’ as the Most Loved Korean Song in 2013

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Taiwan Chooses CN Blue’s ‘I’m Sorry’ as the Most Loved Korean Song in 2013

CN Blue’s I’m Sorry ranked as the most loved Korean song in Taiwan in 2013.

According to Taiwanese radio music program called Hit FM, CN Blue’s I’m Sorry ranked number six on the 100 songs single chart in 2013.

Out of the 100 songs, 54 were Chinese songs, 18 were international pop and 17 were Korean songs.

Out of all 17 Korean songs, I’m Sorry composed by CN Blue Jung Yong Hwa ranked the highest on the chart.

Hit FM’s 100 songs single chart is a chart that selects 100 of the most loved songs in Taiwan, and it includes tunes from all around the globe. The chart is ranked based on the number of broadcast appearance, album sales as well as online voting.

This year, over 10 million people participated in voting, and CN Blue was the highest-ranking K-pop artist on the chart, going shoulder to shoulder with the other renowned artists around the globe.

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Taiwan Radio Program Hit FM Reveals CNBLUE 'I'm Sorry' To Be Most Loved K-Pop Song For 2013

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Taiwan Radio Program Hit FM Reveals CNBLUE 'I'm Sorry' To Be Most Loved K-Pop Song For 2013 Band CNBLUE"s song, "I"m Sorry," was chosen as the most loved K-pop song in 2013 in Taiwan.

On March 26, FNC Entertainment stated that Taiwan radio program, Hit FM, revealed that CNBLUE"s song, "I"m Sorry" was ranked number 6 on the 2013 100 Song Single Chart with Chinese and pop songs combined.

This chart had 54 Chinese songs, 18 international songs and 17 Korean songs.

Out of the 17 Korean songs, CNBLUE"s song had the highest ranking and gained much interest in Taiwan.

On the other hand, CNBLUE has recently finished promotions for their new album, Can"t Stop.

They will be holding their solo concert tour starting in April.

Teen Top to hold '2013 TEEN TOP No.1 Asia Tour' in Taiwan on November 9!

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Teen Top to hold '2013 TEEN TOP No.1 Asia Tour' in Taiwan on November 9!

TOP Media announces through Teen Top's official twitter that Teen Top is going to hold '2013 TEEN TOP No.1 Asia Tour in Taiwan'.

In a detailed notice posted on their official homepage, Teen Top's No.1 Tour in Taiwan in happening on November 9 at 7-9:00PM.

Concert venue will be in Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall (TWTC). Ticket prices and seatplan are available in MK Entertainment's Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Teen Top has successfully finished their No.1 tour in Korea, Japan and even had a Japan encore concert. In addition to that, Teen Top is going to perform their new song 'Rocking' in their first Taiwan concert.

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BoA to Perform in Korea and Taiwan for 'BoA Special Live 2013 Here I Am' Concert

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BoA, Taiwan, Korea, Solo, Concert

BoA to Perform in Korea and Taiwan for 'BoA Special Live 2013 Here I Am' Concert BoA to Perform in Korea and Taiwan for BoA Special Live 2013 Here I AM ConcertSinger BoA will be continuing her solo concert, 'BoA Special Live 2013 'Here I Am'' in Korea.

This will be her first solo concert in Taiwan and it will be held on May 18.

She will then come back to Korea and perform on May 25 and June 1.

Earlier this month, she held her Seoul concert and had a sold out concert. So many fans requested that she add another concert and later did confirm for one additional concert.

BoA is currently a judge on the SBS audition program, "K-Pop Star."

BoA to bring "Special Live 2013 ~Here I am~" to Daegu, Busan and Taiwan

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BoA to bring Special Live 2013 ~Here I am~ to Daegu, Busan and TaiwanBoA held her 1st solo concert since her debut called "BoA Special Live 2012 ~Here I Am~" in Seoul in January for two days.

It has recently been revealed that BoA will be extending her concert tour to Taiwan on May 18th at the The National Taiwan University Gymnasium. Following her stop in Taiwan, she will return to South Korea to perform in Daegu's EXCO on May 25th and Busan on June 1st at the KBS Hall.

BoA held two successful consecutive concerts in January, resulting in the extension of her concert tour.

Tickets for the Daegu concert will be on sale starting April 18th and the busan concert starting April 25th via G Market.

"2013 CNBLUE World Tour" confirms concert dates in Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong

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2013 CNBLUE World Tour confirms concert dates in Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and Hong KongFNC Entertainment has announced more dates for CNBLUE's world tour and confirms that they will be kickstarting it in Taiwan.

After completing their promotional activities last week, CNBLUE will begin their concert tour in Taipei Arena, Taiwan on April 6th. The tour will continue to Singapore on April 13th, Thailand on May 4th and Hong Kong on May 11th. More concert stops across Asia, Europe and North and South America are still being organised and will be announced on a later date.

CNBLUE has officially finished promoting their comeback track "I"m Sorry and will continue preparing for the tour after completing other schedules.

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VIXX Tops Weekly Album Sales Chart in Taiwan

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VIXX Tops Weekly Album Sales Chart in Taiwan

--> VIXX′s 2nd full-length album Chained Up has crowned the weekly album chart in Taiwan.

Chained Up, which was once released on November 10, is ranked no 1 on Taiwan′s album sales web page Five Music′s Korea-Japan weekly chart for the week of November 6 - 12.

The fulfillment is especially notable as VIXX controlled to best the weekly chart, which calculates album sales over one week, not up to 3 days after the album′s release.

VIXX, who returned as an entire after nine months, shot to the pinnacle of music charts in Korea with lead unmarried Chained Up once it become released on November 10. the crowd has been making headlines in Korea for its most powerful idea and function yet, and if VIXX′s newest achievement in Taiwan is any indication, the crew is proving its possible as an international idol group.

Meanwhile, VIXX is these days selling lead single Chained Up, and the group′s dynamic performances were receiving an enthusiastic response.

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DAY6 Gathers Throngs of Fanatics to Taiwan Showcase

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DAY6 Gathers Throngs of Fanatics to Taiwan Showcase

--> JYP′s emerging rookie band DAY6 held a a success show off in Taiwan.

DAY6 held a showcase at the ATT Showbox in Taipei, Taiwan on October 18.

DAY6 displayed its global fame through retaining a showcase out of the country that amassed a crowd of 1000 fans and newshounds just a month after liberating its debut album in September.

Not handiest did DAY6 carry out tracks from the group′s debut album The Day, the band also carried out a canopy of Taiwanese band Sodagreen′s Little Love Song.

Fans also ready a cake to celebrate DAY6′s first showcase abroad, touching the members.

Meanwhile, DAY6 entered the tune scene with debut album The Day on September 7.

The album ranked no 1 at the iTunes chart in Thailand and Cambodia.

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HanCinema's Year in Review Raine's Best Six Choices of 2013

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HanCinema's Year in Review Raine's Best Six Choices of 2013

It is the finish of some other year in K-dramaland and time to seem back and count how many hours I spent observing dramas, running my drama blog, and running on drama-related projects. Since I watched twenty-eight 2013 dramas, recapped 3 and reviewed nine, and delved into beyond dramas, that could give me a overall of...

...let"s just no longer say how much time I invested in drama. Instead, let"s speak about which of the ones twenty-eight dramas stuck in my head and why they did.

I chose those dramas because they stuck with me long once I watched them. They were stuffed with heart, well-acted, well-produced and had me whole invested during the drama. I'd watch (and have watched) them back and again. All of my selected dramas have what I call "the feeling". What I mean via this is that i could be in a position to break out into the arena of the drama, feel what the characters feel, be where the director intends for me to be and truly be in the instant with the characters. this doesn't mean a drama is without flaws, yet that the quality of the display supersedes them.

So with all of that said, here are my most sensible six dramas of 2013 in alphabetical order:

Aired on tvN, written by Kim Eun-jeong and directed by Jeong Jeong-hwa 

"Flower Boy Next Door" shocked me with its mental intensity and profound insight into the human psyche. It didn"t want a grand premise, blazing guns, or automobile chases. Instead, it discovered its niche in an condo development with a reclusive girl who was once petrified of the world. She unearths a aiding hand in some other broken soul and together, they and their neighbors, adventure via life, studying how to comprehend relationships and love. The bohemian nature and affability of Yoon Si-yoon"s Enrique Geum gave the prove a levity that would be sorely lacking with one more actor. Park Shin-hye become acutely conscious about pass Dok-mi"s sensitivity and played her with finesse. The supporting forged was superb in addition wonderfully quirky. 

What captured me, however, was the slow, considerate velocity this drama took. It explored relationships in a purposeful, meaningful way and not rushed. i presumed the pace was extraordinary because maximum dramas blaze throughout the sorts of small disagreements these characters had.

Aired on jTBC, written by Yoo Seong-yeol, directed by Jang Yong-woo and Lee Jeong-hyo

This show was ridiculously addicting in spite of the simplicity of the drug ring"s and the felony system"s representations. This show was, at its heart, about Jung Shi-hyun (played by the superb Jeong Kyeong-ho) and how he was trapped by the drug international and human greed. He attempted to combat his way out and cast some steadfast relationships at the way. He was a personality that made me root for him each and every step of the style and made me love him as fiercely as his buddies and comrades did.

Lee Jin-sook (Kim Yoo-mi) is the most powerful feminine lead I"ve observed to date. She is 100% woman, intelligent, clever, ruthless and unfortunately vulnerable. i admire that she never lost her femininity despite being used as a prostitute and by the men in the genuine world and in the drug world. She kept who she was despite it all and was a rock for Shi-hyun to lean opposed to till the bitter, sour end. Even her hostile friendship with Kim Hyun-soo (Yoon Hyeon-min), Shi-hyun"s highest friend, was poetic and beautiful.

It was also superbly shot and choreographed and timed and the wardrobes were exquisite. Thank you, cable!

This show has made it on my list because my center still knots when I take into accounts the characters and what took place to them. I still hate the villain and cheer for the hopeless romance. That, my friends, is what makes an impressive drama.

"I Pay attention Your Voice"

Aired on SBS, written by Park Hye-ryeon, directed by Jo Soo-won

This presentations made me fall in love with the thought that of "love" and being "in love". There is such uncooked pastime in the way that Lee Jong-suk"s Park Soo-ha enjoyed Lee Bo-yeong"s Jang Hye-sung. Actually, he fell in love with her twice. and how she loves him back is crammed with fear, but so obviously undeniable by her or by anyway. It"s in the way she lives and breathes and acts. He learns to like her with all of her extraordinary foibles. And with a loopy killer coming after them.

The more thing I love about this drama is how clearly the entire characters trade one another from starting to end, even the valiant, intelligent, noble Soo-ha. The villian wasn"t a senseless badguy there to plague the great guys. He actually garnered a little of empathy and got here to a very powerful realization by the end. Plus, he was wonderfully played by Jeong Woong-in. Sure, the law was a child"s plaything in the storyline, but that didn"t really matter. What mattered was that this drama i used to be at all times in the moment, appropriate there with Soo-ha and Hye-sung, watching them have interaction with the other two marvelous leads who also learned as during the drama. By episode 18, now not one consumer was left unchanged or without a slightly of wisdom to stroll away with, adding me.

Aired on Mnet, written by Jeong Yoon-jeong, directed by Kim Won-seok

Ah, high school angst at its best. "Monstar" hit me your entire right tactics as it addressed all the other ways children suffer and grow in prime college and how adults do the similar in conjunction with them. It also offered me to how amazing Yong Joon-hyung is as an actor. He was my secret treasure in finding for the year. (Kang Ee-sik as Park Kyu-dong as well!) They can't be discussed alone: all the participants of colour Bar were skillfully acted, wonderfully understated, and wonderful musicians. I loved the open-endedness of the finishing despite the pacing flaws all around the quick run of the drama (it was only twelve episodes).

As a musician, a cellist, I reveled in the reality that Kang Ha-neul played cello (badly, but still played) and that track was a well-integrated key in the drama. I loved finding the talents, like beatboxing Park Kyu-sun and sweet-voiced Kim Min-yeong, and re-experiencing the skills of the idol actors like Dahee and Yong Joon-hyung

Mostly I loved that this show brought me an identical feeling of nostalgia as the solution Me ("Answer Me 1994", "Answer to 1997") franchise did. It"s a present in an effort to take a time in everyone"s lives that holds such so much of tough memories and to be capable of evoke those memories in a consistant, beautiful, unhappy way in position of coming off as hokey. 

"Nine: Time Travelling Nine Times"

Aired on tvN, written by Song Jae-jeong and Kim Yoon-joo, directed by Kim Byeong-soo

This drama is epic and is particularly professional at forcing me to glue my eyeballs to the screen for twenty hours. The characters are loveable five mins into the show. By fifteen minutes into the show, I was crying in addition to Jung Sun-woo (Lee Jin-wook) and invested in his plight and the plights of all and sundry around him. Save for the fish-faced ahjussi (Choi Jin-cheol played by Jeong Dong-hwan), I was there with all people as they dealth with the repercussions of time travel.

Speaking of time travel, I adored how the guidelines at the back of it were concrete and how those regulations were slowly printed via character discovery. I was mentally and emotionally engaged in this show, seeking to stay along of Sun-woo and Jin-cheol. The show wasn"t afraid to give us a very pathetic character (Jeon No-min as Park Jung-woo) and stay him susceptible and wanting his more youthful brother"s aid. What I especially preferred about his character was how comprehensible and pitiable he was, even in an irritating state of perpetual weakness of mind.

While this show was billed as a romance, I didn"t feel like this was a "romantic" drama. The romance was just an integral a phase of Park Sun-woo"s existence and hence it was a central element of my watching exprience. It was some of the many portions of his life that I was invested in.

Just for the record, I thought the ending rocked. So did Hyung Sik as Young Sun-woo. I was actually blown away by how he kept up with the experienced adult cast. Bravo idol actor!

I may rave about this drama for days, so i'll say just one more thing: this drama is goreous. The lighting, camera filters, camera work, everything.

Aired on MBC, written by So Hyeon-kyeong, directed by Choi Jeong-gyoo and Son Hyeong-seok 

Come on, let"s be honest. This show was all about Lee Joon-ki"s Jang Tae-san and the heartbreaking dating he has with Lee Chae-mi"s SEO Soo-jin. That was the addictive section of the show, watching a guy develop into a father for the affection of his glorious little girl. As a daddy"s lady myself, I especially associated with little Soo-jin and watching Tae-san learn how to reciprocate that love.

Actually, I Just loved watching Tae-san grow up in two weeks by locating any individual to reside for, finding a reason why that he needs to live, learning that he wants to make stronger his life and feeling a be apologetic about that might gas him to continually be better. Take all of that character goodness upload in a ill kid with a surgical operation deadline, Joon-ki"s martial arts skills, explosions, terrifying badguys, and a few law enforcement officials chasing Tae-san, and you've got got one heck of a show. It balanced the emotional with the action very delicately and kept a couple of wonderful, tension-creating consistencies like having Soo-jin cross a break day the calendar at the end of every episode.

Like "Heartless City", this show really hinged on one character and one actor, Jang Tae-sang and Lee Joon-ki, who blew the role out of the park. As he rediscovers his humanity through his baby and the lady he loved who is now a mother, Joon-ki pulls out some wonderful face acting: softening round the eyes, a twitch of the mouth. It"s exquisitely done on his part and it is the strongest I"ve ever visible him.

The relaxation of the forged was stellar two, the bad guys, the prosecutors, the mummy of his child/his love and her cop boyfriend. It was just finely made or even writing about it makes me wish to watch it as opposed to completing this review!

There you have it, folks, Raine"s height Six Alternatives of 2006 plus 6! Okay, of 2013, but I actually sought after to take benefit of that as the name "cause the rhyming was so fun, but I made up our minds against it to steer transparent of confusion. Whatever.

I hope you all have had a gorgeous 2013 and should have an even larger 2014. Let"s pray to the drama gods for some more awesome drama to watch, read about, and write about. Once you have other or alternative favorites, leave a remark and let us know about them!

Have a safe, fun, wonderful New Year"s Eve!

Written by Raine from Raine"s Dichotomy

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