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"Idol Star Olympic" airs as a special episode ahead of the 2012 London Olympics!

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Idol Star Olympic airs as a special episode ahead of the 2012 London OlympicsMBC, who holds the "Idol Athletic Championship" every year, held the same event in "Idol Star Olympic" as a special episode for the upcoming 2012 London Olympics this Friday.

As stars recorded for the event on July 10th and 15th, the first part has finally aired on July 25th and the second part will be aired on the 26th, 9:55 KST.

100 stars of nation's top idol groups in 24 teams participated in "Idol Star Olympic". They competed for the gold medals in eight events: 100m dash, hurdling, long jump, high jump, walking relay, fencing, table tennis, and archery.

Especially in the music industry, a level of high anticipation from particular idols happened. 2AM's "Kkap Bolt" Jokwon, ZE:A's "All Around Athlete" Dongjun, SHINee's "Track and Field Great" Minho, the girl who flies miss A's "Beauty bird" Fei, and the "Honey" of idols, SISTAR's Bora, were expected to compete in a great competition.

Idol groups that participated in "Idol Star Olympic" were SHINee, 2PM's Chansung and Nichkhun, 2AM, f(x), miss A, CNBLUE, SISTAR, T-ara, After School, Secret, MBLAQ, Nine Muses, ZE:A, Teen Top, Davichi, B1A4, Boy Friend, Girl's Day, Nine Muses, Infinite, A Pink, Dal Shabet, Dalmatian, LEDapple, and NS Yoon-G.

Watch the first part of the "Idol Star Olympic" below! The second part will be aired tomorrow.

Opening/Women's 100m race

Women and Men Mixed Doubles Table Tennis

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2012 London Olympic Special, 'Idol Star Olympic' with SHINee, 2PM, T-ARA and More!

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2012 London Olympic Special, 'Idol Star Olympic' with SHINee, 2PM, T-ARAand More! 2012 London Olympic Special, 'Idol Star Olympic' with SHINee, 2PM, T-ARAand More!In order to celebrate the 2012 London Olympics, MBC held an 'Idol Athletics Competition'.

The 'Idol Star Olympics' competed in many sports such as ping pong, fencing and more.

The highlights of the competition was SHINee Minho's 110 m hurdle race and 2AM Jo Kwonand ZE:ADongjun's battle for the 100 m race.

Also, SISTAR's Bora and ZE:A's Kim Dongjun have become known as idol fencing stars.

Part 1 will air on July 25 and part 2 will air on July 26.

Acting Idol Backlash: WINNER's Nam Tae Hyun And Thunder Are Criticized For Their Acting

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Nam Tae Hyun and Thunder have been criticized for their lackluster K-Drama performances. (Photo : SBS, MBC ) WINNER"s Nam Tae Hyun and former MBLAQ member Thunder (Park Sang Hyun) are the latest targets of increased backlash against the lackluster acting idol performances. A writer for the Korean publication MBN critiqued their acting performance in arecent article titled Poisonous transformation? Nam Tae Hyun and Thunder, quit acting for a bit.

In the report, a pop culture writer for MBN praised ZE:A"sIm Siwon, D.O. of EXO and BtoB"s Yook Sungjae as stars whose strong on-screen performances defy the stereotypes surrounding acting idols. "These acclaimed performances leave a deep impression, breaking the stereotype of the idol," said the writer for MBN.

The article opened with the positive aspects of acting idols, before slamming Nam Tae Hyun and Thunder for their K-Drama performances.

MBN examined the flat emotionality of Nam Tae Hyun during the premiere episode of the SBS weekend series, "Late Night Restaurant." "He has inaccurate[word] pronunciation, awkward facial expressions and awkward delivery of tears," said the writer for MBN.

The writer then turned towards Thunder, who stars in the MBC weekend drama, "Make a Woman Cry." He was criticized forlacking emotion and a stiff posture in the delivery of his role as Kang Hyun Seo.

This report sparked numerous responses from netizens, many of whom supported the statements made by the writer. The response could be a reflection of the increased number of acting idols that have been cast to lead K-Dramas in 2015"Make a Woman Cry" stars veterans actors including Kim Jung Eun, who has appeared in numerous high-profile roles since appearing the 1995 film "My Old Sweetheart." "Late Night Restaurant" also features a veteran cast, including Kim Seung Woo. . When acting idols are placed on-screen with seasoned actors, there is often a stark contrast between the levels of talent.


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WINNER show off their rookie-like innocence and charms on "Weekly Idol"

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WINNER show off their rookie-like innocence and charms on

As customary for first-timers on variety shows, WINNER went through a bit of lighthearted hazing during the October 22 episode of "Weekly Idol"!

Once Jung Hyung Don and Defconn confirmed that it was WINNER"s first appearance on a variety program, the two MCs didn"t hold back as they playfully joked around with each of the members, picking and poking fun at some of the things they said.

After the members introduced themselves with a greeting, Jung Hyung Don asked, "How does it feel like to be on the show?" To which Song Min Ho (Mino) replied, "It"s a new fresh feeling. I watched the episode when G-Dragon was on."

MC Jung Hyung Don then asked out of curiosity, "What is G-Dragon doing these days?" and MINO answered, "I"m not so sure, we"ve been really busy these days."

The two MCs exaggerated Mino"s statement and ultimately made him their target of the day. Innocent Mino"s priceless reactions were left hanging as the MCs bantered back and forth.

Also on the episode, the WINNER members successfully completed the "Random Play Dance" challenge after a few tries. They also displayed their cute, sexy, and comedic expressions, and even showed off individual skills in beatboxing, and more!

Check out the fun episode above.

"Harper"s Bazaar" releases winter photoshoot with rookie idol group, WINNER

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Rookie idol group WINNER partook in a photoshoot with "Harper"s Bazaar" where they were dressed in stylish winter outerwear.

The photoshoot brought out the charismatic charms of WINNER, this was seen especially in the individual shots of members Kang Seung Yoon and Nam Tae Hyun.

Wearing winter outfits from the Adidas Originals collection, the WINNER members brought out their signature YG-like swag to the table as they held model-like poses for the camera. And despite the late hours of the photoshoot, the members showed professionalism throughout the photoshoot and even thoroughly monitored each shot which was duly noted by the staff members.

You can check out WINNER"s full photoshoot in the November issue of "Harper"s Bazaar" Korea along with on-site sketch cuts. 

WINNER is promising a humorous "Weekly Idol" episode in a preview

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WINNER is promising a humorous

WINNER is going to flutter your hearts with their sense of humor and surprising variety skills in the upcoming episode of Weekly Idol next week.

The short preview is enough for you to anticipate the witty and charming members even making both MCs fall for their adorable charms.

WINNER"s episode will be broadcast on October 22. Watch the preview below:

WINNER To Become A Part of “Weekly Idol”

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WINNER To Become A Part of “Weekly Idol”

On October 9th, the representative of MBC’s “Weekly Idol” officially confirmed that WINNER will put the first variety show appearance on entertainment program, “Weekly Idol”

Participating in this “Weekly Idol”, WINNER will have the second chance to co-operate with their idol, Bingbang’s G-Dragon.

The stills captured the WINNER’s process of recording for the “Weekly Idol” show had been released. However, a broadcast date for this episode was not revealed.

Are you looking forward to WINNER’s debut variety program?

Winner to make their guest appearance on "Weekly Idol"

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Winner to make their guest appearance on

Winner will make their variety debut on MBC Every1"s "Weekly Idol"!

Following G-Dragon, Winner will be the 2nd artist from YG Entertainment to make their appearance on the show. It was revealed that during the recording of the show, Winner showed their unexpected witty sense of humour and variety show skills which captured the hearts from both the MCs Jung Hyung Don and Defconn.

This episode is scheduled to be broadcasted this October.

WINNER set to appear on "Weekly Idol"

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WINNER set to appear on

Good news for fans of the monster rookie group WINNER as they"ve been announced as upcoming guests on MBC Every1"s "Weekly Idol"!

It has been reported that WINNER chose "Weekly Idol" as their first variety show since their debut to show their hilarious antics that were previously seen on Mnet"s "WIN" and "WINNER TV". This also marks the second YG artist to appear on the program since Big Bang"s G-Dragon showed his bromance with Jung Hyung Don on the show, and it was said that the rookie group impressed MCs Jung Hyung Don and Defconn with their variety show skills.

The exact airing date has not yet been mentioned, so keep your eyes open for this episode coming your way.

Happy Birthday to BTS Rap Monster, Winner of the Soompi Idol Rap Battle!

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Happy Birthday to BTS Rap Monster, Winner of the Soompi Idol Rap Battle!

Congratulations to BTS Rap Monster who has been crowned the winner of our Soompi K-Pop Idol Rap Battle!

The BTS leader went against 31 other idol rappers in five rounds, beating out other top acts like 2NE1s CL, GOT7s JacksonB.A.Ps Bang Yong Guk, and BIGBANGs G-Dragon. In the final round he won against B.A.Ps Zelo with 51.35% of the votes.

Here is what some of our Soompiers had to say about his win:

KarinH: Congratz Namjoon Ah! We A.R.M.Y.s did this for your birthday! Im proud of you!

hiphoppie: WOAHH so Rap Mon won! But Zelooooo~ His rap is also great! And Im both an ARMY and BABYZ~ Both are great and I have a hard time to choose which one. Its just too hard cuz I love both. Mehehehe~ 

We also wish Rap Monster a happy birthday! Fans are celebrating all around the world and are trending #BTSRapMonDay on various social networks. Rap Monster (real name Kim Nam Joon) was born September 12, 1994.