20 Korean Songs For Your Ultimate Spring Playlist

20 Korean Songs For Your Ultimate Spring Playlist

Spring is in the air! Its a time when pictures of cherry blossoms flood your feed, and, for some, those cursed allergies start taking over. Its also a time of warmth and hopes of new beginnings. Its never too late to start over, and what more perfect season to do so than spring? Check out our playlist below for the perfect songs to listen to while enjoying the warm spring air!

Cherry Blossom Ending Busker Busker

No spring playlist would be complete without this legendary song. This was the No. 1 song in Korea in 2012, and since then, whenever March and April roll around, its played everywhere! (Because the cherry blossoms are everywhere!)

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Give Love Akdong Musician

The AkMu siblings never fail to write warm songs full of heart, and this is one of them!

More YG love! This music video is so aesthetic.

Theres something about the spring air that always brings about a wave of nostalgia.  What better song to relive those memories than this one?

Spring Love Eric Nam and Red Velvets Wendy

To say I love you’ Standing EGG

This song captures that feeling of spring perfectly.

Granted, this might not be the most spring welcoming song, but for every spring enthusiast out there, there are just as many cynics. For those who arent as happy about spring as we are, this song is perfect for you! (It was also last years hilarious April Fools prank.)

Lets Not Fall In Love- BIGBANG

A bittersweet song for those days when the weather is not quite warm, but not cold either.

The Spring Apinks Jung Eun Ji

Spring can also be a time of yearning for something or someone. This song conveys those feelings beautifully, and Jung Eun Jis voice is sure to warm even the loneliest of hearts.

Another breezy song for a light day.

Some- Soyou and Junggigo

With its playful beat, this cute song is a favorite in all seasons.

Ordinary Love- Park Kyung and Park Bo Ram

Spring (and this song) is perfect for picnics!

Another classic spring song, Roy Kims soft voice and bright acoustics will definitely put you in a happy mood!

Spring Is Gone By Chance GFRIENDs Yuju and Loco

Sweet spring with a dash of spice? Sure! With Yujus vocals and Locos smooth rapping, this makes for one addicting song.

Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms HIGH4, IU

For all you singles out there, this ones for you.

Moonwalk in Kyoto Romantic Punch

After a while, songs about spring can sometimes start sounding the same. Heres a bit of K-rock to break that monotony up.

Spring can also be a time to try new things, and what better song to motivate you than this one?

Its like sunshine in song form.

mayme22 is a spring enthusiast who has finally realized how wonderful the sun is after experiencing enough rain to last her more than 4 life times (according to Goblin). She promises that she will never complain about hot weather ever again.