2 Lovelyz members just lost 20lbs each, how they did it is even more surprising

2 Lovelyz members just lost 20lbs each, how they did it is even more surprising

The members of Lovelyz revealed their secrets to losing weight and maintaining their figures.

Members Baby Soul and Jiae both lost 10 kg (22 lbs) through dieting and exercise, and heres how they did it.

She tries to eat more cherry tomatoes instead of products with flour or carbohydrates. For exercise, she also rides a stationary bike for 30-50 minutes a day.

Jiaie generally eats cereal and fruits, but only eats half of whats on her plate. For exercise, she practices the groups choreography and walks around the neighborhood a lot.

She works very hard at exercising, focusing on her lower bodys blood circulation. She also tries eating as little as possible.

For exercise, she practices the groups choreography and also does aerobic exercise along with small amounts of strength training. She tends to eat salad or another nutritious meal in the morning and not much for dinner.

She rarely eats carbohydrates and instead eats a lot of protein, mainly eggs and chicken breast. When she wakes up, she always makes sure to stretch and does yoga before she sleeps.

She swims a lot for exercise, and usually eats salad and fruit.

She does both aerobic exercise and strength training, focusing on squats and lunges. While dieting, shell only eat one healthy meal, usually a salad.

She tends to check out her body in the mirror and constantly walks to places that are close by for a natural workout. She does a lot of squats, but she doesnt actually control her diet much.