18 K-Pop Idol Songwriters Who Know How To Write A Bop

18 K-Pop Idol Songwriters Who Know How To Write A Bop

When many people think of idols, they might assume that not a lot of them know that much about writing music. Although songwriting isnt necessarily part of their job description, many idols have gone beyond performing and have delved into the realm of music production. As a tribute to their songwriting talents, we present this list of talented songwriters who also happen to be idols. Enjoy!

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Known for his rap skills, the Block B leader has led a successful solo career for several years now, and he has no plans to slow down. He has written and produced many hits for himself and for others, such as Song Minos Fear, Kim Sejeongs Flower Way, and BASTARZs Zero For Conduct.

Known as one of the most prominent idol musicians, Jinyoung is active in writing, composing, and producing most of B1A4s songs. A Lie, Sweet Girl, and Solo Day are just a few of his well-known hits. Surprisingly enough, he has written b-sides for I.O.I and Oh My Girl as well.

Since Jonghyun has been involved in SHINees music for years, it should come as no surprise that hes on this list. His credits for songs such as Juliette, View, and She Is are undoubtedly impressive. He also participated in writing EXOs Playboy and Lee His Breathe, just to name a few.

From debut, Woozi has been known as the mind behind SEVENTEENs many hit songs. His writing, composing, and producing are a part of what has made SEVENTEEN so successful. He has even branched out by making songs for other groups, most notably I.O.Is farewell song Downpour.

Most people know her as the rapper in EXID, but LE surprisingly has a good-sized list of songs that she helped create. In fact, shes co-written for Trouble Maker and HyunA in addition to her own groups discography.

As many fans know, all of BTS is involved in the production of their own music; however, leader Rap Monster has an impressive number of writing credits in BTSs songs, and hes only continuing to expand his repertoire. Rap Monster co-wrote the song Dilemma for Big Hit labelmate Homme just last year.

7. Akdong Musicians Lee Chan Hyuk

In the brother-sister duo that is Akdong Musician, Lee Chan Hyuk is responsible for writing all the music on their albums. For someone to have written that many songs at such a young age is quite a feat; hopefully he will continue to create great music for years to c0me!

Over the past few months, Hui has become a hot topic of discussion for his writing and production of the hit song Never from Produce 101 Season 2. In addition to writing b-sides for PENTAGONs albums, he is the mastermind behind Wanna Ones debut track Energetic as well.

Although all of the DAY6 members take part in the writing of their own songs, Young K has become the representative songwriter of the group. He says that his writing process takes inspiration from both his own life and second-hand experiences like books, movies, TV shows, and so on. His contributions to other artists include GOT7s Beggin On My Knees, Park Jimin of 15s Answer, and UP10TIONs Stuck On You.

As one of the most successful self-written idol soloists, GD is a given on this list. His participation in writing BIGBANG tracks and his solos has earned him some well-deserved respect throughout the idol world.

11. CNBLUEs Jung Yong Hwa

With over 100 writing credits to his name, Jung Yong Hwa is a force to be reckoned with. He participates in writing all of his bands music (in both Korean and Japanese) in addition to projects outside of CNBLUE.

12. Highlights Yong Junhyung

Another lyrical powerhouse, Yong Junhyung has co-written the vast majority of Highlights songs, with hits such as Shock, Fiction, Good Luck, and Plz Dont Be Sad. On top of that, he has worked on songs for Apink, BTOB, EXID, and HyunA.

Showing his skills in survival shows MixMatch and Win predebut, B.I. is one of YGs newest and most promising lyricists. He is even credited for co-writing WINNERs Empty and BLACKPINKs Whistle in addition to iKONs songs.

Because of his career as a rapper, it only seems natural for Bang Yong Guk to start with writing his own lyrics. Since his beginning, he has been credited for co-writing many B.A.P tracks, including Warrior and One Shot. He has even secretly composed for other groups, most notably VIXXs Love Me Do.

Starting early on, the 2PM member has long since been involved in music production. With credits for My House and Go Crazy, among numerous other solo and collaboration projects, he has an impressive number of titles to his name.

The VIXX rapper has used writing as a way to express himself regardless of whether its for his own rap or another song entirely. Ravi has at least co-written for the vast majority of VIXX, VIXX LR, solos, and even some Jellyfish Entertainment collaboration songs.

Because of her habit of keeping a diary, IUs songwriting style comes off as down-to-earth and relatable. In her newest title track Palette, she discusses her personal growth and how she works to overcome peoples criticisms.

In terms of musical talent, Henry is really an all-rounder. He sings, plays multiple instruments, writes, composes, and produces. Just recently, he worked on the collaboration project Lemonade Love for NCTs Mark and Parc Jae Jung as well as the demo for EXOs The Eve.

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