17 Upbeat K-Pop Songs To Help You Officially Welcome Summer

17 Upbeat K-Pop Songs To Help You Officially Welcome Summer

At long last, summer is just around the corner! And in the summertime, theres nothing better than listening to some feel-good tunes to pump you up. So here are 17 songs to add to your summer playlist!

Having been filmed in Southern California, everything about Taeyeons Why MV just screams summer. The combination of her smooth vocals and the lively beat result in a track that can be listened to all year long. Not to mention that all her outfits here are on point.

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2. Eric Nam ft. Loco Cant Help Myself

This adorable song makes us want to go out and find ourselves a summer love, for real. Not only is the song fun and upbeat, but Erics charm makes the MV a joy to watch. Listening to this makes me want to get up and dance along, no matter what my mood is.

This is the type of song that makes you want to have a bonfire at the beach after a long day of playing in the ocean. The easy-going acoustic guitar makes the song extremely relaxing, and the best part is the little a cappella bit that starts before the last chorus. And of course DAY6 playing at the beach makes for an adorable MV.

Lets be honest: you all expected a SISTAR song to be on this list. And who are we to deprive you? SISTAR is unfortunately disbanding, but we should all take the time to appreciate the lovely songs theyve given us throughout the years. We hereby recommend all SISTAR songs for summertime!

Why does SHINee have to make everything look so fun?! Seriously, this MV makes our summers seem so boring in comparison. But if this song wasnt already in your list of 2015 summer bops, its not too late to make it your summer 2017 song as well.

Although it is the only English song on the list, CLs Lifted can still count as K-pop for our intents and purposes. With the songs laid-back yet cheerful vibes, its the perfect track for a summer kickback with friends. We can only imagine how good her album will sound!

Many of f(x)s songs are excellent for summertime (Hot Summer, anyone?), but one song that is particularly great to listen to in the summer is their track All Mine. The song is easy to dance to and brings a smile to our faces, making it the perfect addition to a summer playlist.

8. Zico ft. Babylon Boys and Girls

Without a doubt, this is the summer party song. Zicos energetic rapping and Babylons smooth vocals come together to make one extremely catchy song. If you dont have Im a boy, you are a girl stuck in your head after listening to this, youre doing something wrong.

Having previously performed this song as SM Rookies in 2015, NCT finally released a studio version of Switch on NCT 127s first album. And at the end of last year, SM Entertainment formally released the VCR and blessed all of our souls. So enjoy three minutes and twenty two seconds of predebut NCT, with (thankfully) normal hair, having a wholesome water gun battle. Oh, and did I mention that the song is bomb?

Despite the MVs rather dark themes, the song 365 Fresh is actually as fresh as the name suggests. HyunAs and EDawns playful rap parts nicely complement Huis rich vocals, and the 90s aesthetic adds a nice touch. If the MV isnt your thing, the dance performances are excellent as well!

11. Jay Park ft. Gray Drive

This is, without a doubt, a go-to relaxation song. Just reading the lyrics will make you feel at ease, so be sure to turn on the subs when you watch the MV. If Jay Park says Lets go for a drive, then youd better get your butt in the car and have the best drive of your entire life. All jokes aside, this song and the MV is worth your attention. Cmon, SISTARs Bora even makes a cameo! Whats not to love?

12. MAMAMOO Youre the Best

Everything about MAMAMOO is just too good for this world. Their flawless vocals, adorable personalities, and ethereal visuals never cease to amaze me. But be warned: the funky vibe of this song may cause you to engage in some extremely awkward chair dancing. Its definitely worth it though.

13. WINNER Really Really

A far cry from the style of WINNERs previous releases, Really Really is a cheerful electro-pop song that is beyond addictive. The multitude of background dancers really (really) reminds me of a group of friends dancing without a care in the world.

If you love ASTRO, former I.O.I member Choi Yoojung, and drinking soda on the beach, then youll absolutely swoon for this song. That may sound like an odd combination, but ASTRO makes it work. With their signature peppy image and energetic dance, these boys will come after your heart in a flurry of fluorescent colors and leave you Breathless.

With this pop-rock fusion, BIGBANG has created yet another song that must be jammed to. Hearing Daesung on the drums really gets you hyped up as you listen, almost as if you were at a music festival. Plus, with the MVs hilarious antics, theres never a dull moment while watching.

16. Wonder Girls Why So Lonely?

This reggae-inspired track is the epitome of chill. With their instruments in tow, the four Wonder Girls members in the MV are living in an odd, aesthetic wonderland where the only man in their lives is plasticliterally. Although the Wonder Girls members have gone their separate ways, theres no denying the mark they have made on the music industry.

If you have a deep-seated distaste of whistling, then this song may not be for you. The addictive chorus of Solo Day will be stuck in your head for hours on end, guaranteed, or your money back. Thats a lie; there was no money exchanged here. Nevermind, just do yourself a favor and listen to the song!

Did your summer jam make it on the list? If not, be sure to tell us your favorite song in the comments, and play the full playlist here:

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