Park Tae Hwan-Yejin,

Park Tae Hwan-Yejin, "The Scandal Is Not True"

The swimmer Park Tae Hwan and girl group Brave Girls" member Yejin revealed that their dating scandal is not true.

Yejin"s agency Brave Entertainment said today, "We confirmed with Yejin"s father and the two are not dating."

Park Tae Hwan"s father also said, "Tae Hwan is being trained in Australia right now so it makes no sense that the two are dating. The scandal is not true."

He continued, "Tae Hwan is rarely in Korea and is focused on training right now."

One media revealed that there has been rumors of Park Tae Hwan and Yejin dating and the online community forum said that there are pictures on Yejin"s facebook that are of Park Tae Hwan"s posts on Facebook.