14 Male Idols With Awesome Laughs That Will Make You Cry

14 Male Idols With Awesome Laughs That Will Make You Cry

Laughter can cause a person to do lots of crazy things, especially crying. It always happens when youre laughing so hard that it hurts, and your eyes decide to tear up due to the pain. After youve reached that point, nothing can be controlled. This kind of moment is rare to come across, but thankfully for the idols below, we get the chance to experience what it means to truly laugh and cry at the same time.

Right when you thought Minho couldnt laugh any harder You realize just how wrong you were.

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Jae Hwans amazing laugh sounds like a screeching old woman. Honestly, we cant get enough of it.

Jacksons laugh completely redefines what it means to be a hyena. Still, it makes us love him even more.

Never has a mouth been more suited for laughing than Youngjaes. Before the laughing even starts, his mouth is already prepared.

Dongwoos laugh is so fast, it reminds me of a joker from the renaissance This definitely needs to be his next concept.

His voice AND his laugh sounds like a dolphin Can Chenle get any more adorable?

Jun.K has got to have the most contagious laugh I have ever heard. He could bring anybody to tears.

I dont understand how he can even breathe with a laugh like that. Its pure talent.

His laugh is so radiant, it could cure cancer. Trust me, this clip is all you need to start crying.

*Cue the feels* His laugh is way too precious.

Whenever I hear Leeteuks laugh, Im immediately reminded of a cackling witch

The MBLAQ members once called his laugh the machine gun Theyre so accurate, it just kills me inside.

Jimins laugh will never fail to make you cry. Its so beautiful, it could literally create world peace.

Lets be honest, what would this list even be without Jins iconic windshield wiper laugh? It makes me cry every single time.

Still cant hear the windshield wiper? Maybe this will help you out

Hey Soompiers, which male idols laugh is your favorite? Have another one thats not on the list? Let us know in the comments!

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