14 Hwaiting Moments From Korean Celebs To Help You Get Through A Bad Day

14 Hwaiting Moments From Korean Celebs To Help You Get Through A Bad Day

We all appreciate our favorite idols and actors for the hard work that they do, and its extra special when they give us support in return. For all the people with a million things to do, whether its work, school, or anything else, just know that your bias will always be cheering you on. These gifs below are meant for you, so enjoy!

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Youre doing great out there, keep fighting!

Full-on fist power, keep fighting with all youve got.


Youre capable of anything if you put your mind to it!

Look at his smile, how could you not feel better after that?

Late night studying? Dont worry, you can do it!

Jacksons cheering you on every step of the way. Dont you dare give up!

Keep fighting, its as simple as that.

With all the power of her love, HyunA wishes you good luck.

Hang in there, you got this! Minho believes in you.

The power of their hwaiting is so strong, it just might electrocute you.

Still feeling down? Well, heres a double hwaiting just for you.

In every little thing you do, FIGHTING!

Feeling overwhelmed? Dont worry, Girls Generation is right by your side. They believe in you!

And if all else fails, just raise your hands in the air and scream: HWAITING!

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