13 Songs That Were Composed By An Idol You Didnt Expect

13 Songs That Were Composed By An Idol You Didnt Expect

These 13 idols have composed and written these popular songs for other idols.

Many K-Pop idols write and compose their own songs, but these thirteen idols have even composed or written songs for other idols.  Many of these songs are super recognizeable and youll probably be surprised to find out who  they were actually produced by!

Check out this list of idols who have produced hit songs by other groups:

This BTS member is no stranger to composing and writing lyrics for his own songs, but Suga has also composed songs for other idols; Surans recent song, Wine, for instance.

LE has composed for several popular acts such as HyunA (for her song Blacklist), K.Will (on Sweet Girl), and Verbal Jint (for Under The Ears which featured Sanchez).

This idol has co-produced several songs throughout his career such as Apinks I Got You and EXIDs Think About. Most recently, Junhyung composed Kriesha Chus debut song Trouble.

Rap Monster is one known to compose and write lyrics often, and he has even composed and wrote lyrics for other K-Pop idols. Rap Monster has been credited for co-composing and co-writing GLAMs PARTY (XXO) as well as Hommes Dilemma.

I.O.I fans may remember the girl groups song Downpour that certainly left fans in tears. Behind the moving lyrics was SEVENTEENs Woozi who also co-composed the song.

TEENTOPs Changjo is an incredibly kind senior as this idol has actually composed a few songs for his junior group UP10TION. Changjo composed both the groups songs Party2nite and their song Never Ending.

iKONs Bobby is quite a skilled songwriter and producer and has actually composed and written several songs since his debut.  Some of those songs include Lee His Video, WINNERs Empty, and, lastly, PSYs Bomb.

This idol has a very impressive track record of songs thats hes written, that includes BLACKPINKs Whistle and PSYs Autoreverse.

This idol also has composed songs for other idols, but he composed them  secretly. As a composer, Yongguk goes under the alias Andrew Baag, and has composed songs such as VIXXs “Love Me Do”.

Zico has composed several songs for other idols, including Minos Turtle Ship (featuring One, Andup, and Jamezz) and Minos Fear (featuring Taeyang).

Jonghyun has an incredibly long list of songs that he composed and/or wrote.  Included in that list is IUs A Gloomy Clock,  which he wrote and composed, as well as  Taemins Pretty Boy and EXOs Playboy.