13 K-Pop Songs From 2017 To Put On Your Summer Party Playlist

13 K-Pop Songs From 2017 To Put On Your Summer Party Playlist

No summer is complete without great party bangers, and 2017 has already blessed us with so many awesome jams! If you are ready to dance your heart out and listen to some incredible beat drops, add these songs to your party playlist!

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iKON is the real MVP when it comes to K-pop bangers and they didnt let us down this year, either. Both Bling Bling and B-Day are perfect choices for a wild night out, but thats just something about B-Day that screams party time.

Its easy to fall in love with Brave Girls latest single, as the playful melody and the catchy refrain tend to get stuck in your head after one listen. The crazy sexy choreography makes the girls comeback even better!

A.C.Es Cactus is among the greatest debut songs this year without a doubt! The choreography is jaw-dropping, and its impossible not to lose your mind when the beat finally drops.

Tension Up has everything we need this summer: an uplifting beat, a catchy phrase to sing along to, and fun choreography. These guys are capable of pulling off every concept perfectly; its a blessing they surprised us with a party song this time.

5. MONSTA X – Shine Forever

MONSTA X did that. Again. The Beautiful album was full with unbelievably catchy bangers, and we all know that Oi and Ready Or Not belong to a list of the greatest party jams, but we shouldnt forget their newest release, Shine Forever. If MONSTA X continues to drop amazing songs like this, they will definitely shine for a long, long time!

6. Hyoyeon feat. San E – Wannabe

We needed to wait way too much for Hyoyeons solo songs, but it was worth it! Hyoyeon is a real dancing queen in the MV, and she demonstrates her rap and vocal skills and just as well! San Es verse adds an exciting spice to Wannabe, too.

Only You is probably not what youd expect from 24K, but even though they left the hard EDM vibes of Bingo and Still 24K behind, the new single still delivers a beat you can jam to. Its also refreshing to see our boys spicing the choreo up with black leather pants.

Prepare yourself: the beat is crazy with this one, too! The 7-member rookie group debuted this march with YEAH, and the track is a flawless EDM party song. Yes, we all just wanna yeah, yeah, yeah with you guys!

You might have some trouble remembering the songs title at first, but Yezis new single deserves your attention. Fiestars rapper is beautiful and fierce in the MV, the lyrics are on point, and the rap is lit as always.

10. Seven OClock (SOC) Echo

We are all spoiled with talented rookie groups this year! Seven OClock experimented with the tropical house sound on their first track, and they pull it off well. Listening to this can be quite addictive though, as the melody is just too catchy not to get stuck in your head for hours.

11. Minzy feat. Flowsik – Ninano

Minzys first single after her departure from 2NE1 is certainly a super summer jam. The melody is the real catch here, but Minzys singing and rap skills are just as bomb. This dance track is able to jolly up any party!

12. Unit Black – Steal Your Heart

Dont feel bad if you couldnt fully understand BOYS24s concept; you are not alone. After last years E by Unit Yellow, Unit Black got the opportunity this year to promote Steal Your Heart. Lets be honest, they did what they promised in the title: stole everyones heart with this song.

Fresh out of the oven, Cherry Bomb earned a spot on our summer playlist for sure. Its just so easy to go with the flow of the song, and you just cant take your eyes off of the boys powerful dance moves. The track is bold and experimental, and they are even able to make If you happy and you know it, clap your hands sound swag, so its worth a listen.

Did your party bangers make it on the list? If not, tell us your favorite summer jams in the comments!

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