SS5 Mexico Sells Out in 5 Hours

  Tickets went on sale today for Super Junior’s Super Show 5 in Mexico City. Fans were lined up since the early morning hours in order to get tickets

SS5 Mexico Sells Out in 5 Hours


went on sale today for ’s Super Show 5 in City. were lined up since the early morning hours in order to get tickets.


Tickets went on sale at noon. Within 5 minutes, all the VIP tickets were sold out (at the high price of approximately 270 USD). Within 30 minutes, most of the other sections were sold out. Within an hour, only a few seats were left at the lowest price level. In approximately 5 hours, the entire concert was sold out. It is rumored to be one of the fastest selling concerts in the history of Super Junior.


SS5 in Mexico City marks the first time Super Junior has performed in Mexico. Fans are beyond excited to finally see the Kings of Kpop in person. Despite the long lines and the nervousness of fans as they waited to buy tickets, the spirit was a joyful one… fans talking about their favorite Suju members, talking about Kpop in general and making new friends. One fan described the scene of “complete chaos and joy!” When the tickets went on sale at one location, fans erupted into excited cheers and started clapping.


Though many fans are left disappointed that they didn’t get tickets in time, everyone is proud that Mexico is already showing super amazing support for Super Junior.


The concert will be held on November 7th at the Mexico City Arena.



SS5 Mexico Sells Out in 5 Hours


Photo Credit: SAT Marketing and Super Junior Fanclub E.L.F. Mexico




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