Stardom Entertainment to Debut 13 Member Hip Hop Idol Group "Top Dog"

Hip hop artist and music producer Cho PD revealed that his agency, Stardom Entertainment, will debut a thirteen member hip hop idol group in October

Stardom Entertainment to Debut 13 Member Hip Hop Idol Group "Top Dog"

Hip hop artist and music producer Cho PD revealed that his agency, Stardom Entertainment, will a thirteen member hip hop idol group in October. 

In an interview with TV Report, Cho PD said, “We will debut an idol group called Top Dog. ‘Top Dog’ refers to the key player in a sports team. They are made up of friends who excel in their rap, dance, and producing fields.”

Cho PD introduced the members. “The youngest is nineteen years old and the oldest is 23 year old, so the age range isn’t big. We have been planning this group for two years. When it comes to skills, our members are not well rounded…If you look at other popular idol groups, their members are well rounded in their talents, but our members won’t be like that. They are special in that they are talented in one specific area.”

Top Dog will be the first boy group for Stardom since left the agency. According to Cho PD, the new group will be different than Block B. “Top Dog will have a different concept than Block B.” 

Earlier this year, Block B filed for an injunction against Stardom Entertainment, citing unpaid earnings. They lost the case in June when the Seoul Central District Court dismissed the injunction, deciding that there weren’t sufficient evidence. The two sides continued to negotiate after the June decision. It was decided that Stardom will transfer over Block B’s contract to a new management agency called Seven Seasons

Cho PD will hold a showcase and an after party on September 13 for his upcoming mini album, “In Stardom V3.0.” The mini album will be released on September 16. 

Stardom Entertainment to Debut 13 Member Hip Hop Idol Group "Top Dog"

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