YG’s Mina Kwon Is NOT G-Dragon’s Sister

Mina Kwon, G-Dragon, Pharrell Williams YG’s Mina Kwon Is NOT G-Dragon’s Sister Album art designer Mina Kwon clarifies that she is not G-Dragon's older sister

Mina Kwon, , Pharrell Williams

YG’s Mina Kwon Is NOT G-Dragon’s Sister  YG’s Mina Kwon Is NOT G-Dragon’s Sister

Album art designer Mina Kwon clarifies that she is not G-Dragon’s older sister. The public’s misunderstanding was born with singer and producer Pharrell Williams’ Twitter upload on September 9.

Pharrell uploaded onto his Twitter, “These two are amazing talents. art is vast and next level. Time to collab,” in response to designer Mina Kwon and singer G-Dragon. G-Dragon is a huge fan of Pharrell, and Mina Kwon previously worked with Pharrell on a project.

Pharrell’s Twitter shout-out to Mina Kwon and G-Dragon attracted a lot of attention from . That’s when rumor spread that the Mina Kwon and G-Dragon are siblings, simply because they have the same last name (G-Dragon’s given name is Kwon ). But in reality, although it is true that G-Dragon has an older sister, he is not related to designer Mina Kwon.

A YG Entertainment rep laughed and said, “I think people started assuming things because they have the same last name. G-Dragon’s older sister is someone else. As a designer, Mina Kwon spends a lot of time and works with many YG Entertainment singers, so she is close with G-Dragon.”

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