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[Exclusive] NU’EST Autographed Photos Giveaway and Interview with Members

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Soompi met with NUEST again at an exclusive interview during their “L.O.Λ.E Tour in Taiwan,” much thanks to event organizer Joytime Entertainment. Despite missing Aron who was out of action due to acute enteritis, JR, Minhyun, Baekho, and Ren were brave and showed that they are moving away from rookies status to a group that can handle any sort of unforeseen circumstances. 

Want to know which member wants to play a female lead in a drama, how they like to be remembered by fans, and who do they want to form a unit group with if they were given the chance? Check out our interview now for their answers!

Q: We have heard NU’EST speak English and Japanese before. Since this is the first time visiting Taiwan, what Chinese/Taiwanese words have you guys learned especially for this trip?

Baekho: We wanted to prepare ourselves, but the pronunciation is really too difficult so we have only learned some simple greetings in Mandarin.

Ren: Zai jian (goodbye or see you again), wo ai ni men (I love you all).

Minhyun: Da jia hao (how are you).

JR: Wei (hellogreeting when answering phone)

Minhyun: Sorry we didnt prepare any greetings in Taiwanese. Maybe you can tell us?

Soompi: Da geh ho (how are you), dou shia (thank you, many thanks)

Q: NU’EST went to Australia last year as judges for the cover contest and most recently to Turkey in June. If you guys were ever to participate in a contest, what song will you perform? What solo cover would you like to sing/dance to?

Minhyun: We really like TVXQ and would like the five of us to cover one of their songs.

Q: There is this influx of sub-units in the Korean entertainment scene. Should NU’EST be given an opportunity to form your own sub-unit, which member/members would you like to work with and why?

Baekho: For me, Minhyun, because I think his vocal sounds the best.

Minhyun: JR and Aro, they are both rappers so I think it would be nice to form a unit with them.

JR: Ren and Aron, because Rens performance on stage is really good. I think the three of us together would make a great team. 

Ren: Yes me too; I want to be with JR and Aron.

Q: The involvement of fans in writing the lyrics of Sandy was really interesting. How did this idea come about?

JR: Our first album, titled Face, received very good results, so when we were putting out our second album Action, we discussed with our agency to repay our fans for their support with the song Sandy.

Q: Currently, you have sung the Korean, Japanese, and English version, and the fourth version – Chinese – will be performed tomorrow night. Of all these versions, which is the most difficult? What were the challenges you faced when singing it?

JR: I think the latest Mandarin version is the hardest. 

Baekho: We have been learing some Japanese, so it was easier for us to do the Japanese version. Aron can speak English, so it wasnt a big problem for us either. We didnt have any opportunity to learn Mandarin before, so this version is the most challenging to us.

Q: Now that Aron is absent, how does it affect your show tomorrow night?

Baekho: Of course it will affect  us, so we are in the midst of considering how to present our performance and make it perfect. Fans will be antipating the show tomorrow, so we will do our best!

Q: Minhyun said if he has the opportunity to act, he wants to act as a kkotminam (flower boy) in a movie like the drama Boys Over Flowers. Should there be a remake, which role will you want to take on?

Minhyun: I want to take the role played by Kim Hyun Joong (Yoon Ji Hoo).

Ren: I watched and really liked Boys Over Flowers. I want to take the role of Gu Jun Pyo. 

JR: I want to play the female lead Geum Jan Di.

Baekho: Gu Jun Pyo, because he has the most money in the show.

Q: How would you like yourself to be remembered by fans?

Baekho: I hope our fans remember our stage performances; thats the most direct interaction we have with our fan,s and its where we shine, performing for our fans.

JR: Our good looking faces [Exclusive] NU’EST Autographed Photos Giveaway and Interview with Members

Ren: I hope they remember our hearts that love them.

Minhyun: I hope they remember our easygoing selves who are  kind to fans and working hard to communicate with them.

Q: The Gwiyomi Player is one of the latest fads now. Did you learn how to do it? Who is the best at it? Can we see a NU’EST version of the Gwiyomi Player?

All: Yeah we did. Aron does it the best and Ren too.

Watch the video below for Rens version of Gwiyomi Player [Exclusive] NU’EST Autographed Photos Giveaway and Interview with Members

Q: What question is NUEST being asked the most?

Ren: What kind of performance are you presenting?

BaekhoJR: How different are you from other boy groups?

NU’EST has already made their comeback in August 2013 with Sleep Talking. Do continue to show your love and support for this awesome group! 

Additionally, Soompi is giving away four autographed photos (JR, Minhyun, Baekho, and Ren on individual photos). The contest will be running for four days (September 11 to September 14) . We will be announcing the winners in the article throughout the contest duration so make sure to come  back and take a look!!

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Tourism Patterns Slow to Improve

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There were also adjustments to their activities. Buying groceries in Seoul became howeverthe preferredreason why for visiting with 67.8 percent, but that was down 4.5 percentage aspects from a year earlier. As an alternativethere has been a two to 3 percentage-point upward push among people whoacknowledged they got here to Korea to have a look at restaurants or to enjoy the country's type and culture.

For example, 37.4 percent of visitors who visited Busan last year went to the Gukje Market, the maximum importantclassic market in the city, two times every bit many as 2014. A creating number are opting to visitoriginal Korean putsinstead ofthe standard malls.

Lee Hoon at Hanyang University said, "It might bedemandingto draw 20 million tourists by way of 2020 just by pitching the usual tourist points of interest in Seoul. We want tobeef up the quality of tourism content by coming up new attractions outdoor Seoul".

Watch: Two times Wears Fan-Made Outfits For Final “Cheer Up” Performance

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Watch: Two times Wears Fan-Made Outfits For Final “Cheer Up” Performance

Watch: Two times Wears Fan-Made Outfits For Final Cheer Up Functionality leonid Might 29, 2016 0 TWICE wears garments designed via their enthusiasts for their ultimate performance of the hit song “Cheer Up.”

On Could 29, the womanstaff wraps up promotions for their album Page Two on SBS’s “Inkigayo, where they glancefascinating onstage dressed in crimson and mint jerseys.

This used to beshowed by a tweet on TWICEs reliable Twitter account from the day before, where JYP representatives announced that the women were indeed going to wear fan-made designs on “Inkigayo.”

GOT7′s Jackson Provides Hilarious Reaction To question About Prettiest Lady Group

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GOT7′s Jackson Provides Hilarious Reaction  To question About Prettiest Lady Group

GOT7s Jackson Supplies Hilarious ReactionTo question roughly Prettiest WomanWorkforce an0ya Would possibly 29, 2016 0 At theCould 29 broadcast of MBCs typedisplayGenuine Men, GOT7s Jackson gives a hilarious answer to a tricky query about his alternatives for the prettiest girl groups.

In this episode, the recentinfantrymen take turns giving self-introductions to their fellow solid members. Jackson greets all and sundrythrough saying, Im GOT7s Jackson. GOT7 is a collection that knows how to do martial arts. Am i in a position to demonstrate?

Earning cheers and shouts from the audience, Jackson impresses all people alongside his tumbling. When asked if his feet dont hurt after the serious moves, he immediately confesses, They hurt.

Ha Jung Woo Suggests The manner To A Woman’s Center Is thru Her Stomach?

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Ha Jung Woo Suggests The manner To A Woman’s Center  Is thru Her Stomach?

Ha Jung Woo Suggests The manner To A Womans CenterIs thru Her Stomach?an0ya Might 29, 2016 0 Actor Ha Jung Woo has revealed what he does to win over the hearts of women.

On the Could 29 broadcast of MBCs Phase TV, the stars of The Handmaiden take a seat down for an interview forward of the predicted domestic premiere scheduled for June 1. The majorsolidlately made headlines for their industrygo back and forth to Cannes Movie Festival.

When asked how he impresses the ladies, Ha Jung Woo brings up the case of his co-star Kim Min Hee and says, Ive been handing over coffee and pastries to her, suggesting that the way to a womans heart is indeed through her stomach.

Seoul Swelters in Most up to date Might in History

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Temperatures rose to over 30 degrees Celsius in Seoul for the fourth instantly day on Sunday, making this the freshestMight in 66 years, the Korea Meteorological Management said. The remaining time the mercury climbed over 30 degrees in May justused to be in 1950 when it took place for 4 consecutive days between May additionally 27 and 30. Temperatures reached 32 to 33 degrees in Seoul from Thursday to Sunday last week and around 30 degrees in other parts.

The KMA blamed hot air carried into Korea from Mongolia and northerly China by skill of northwesterly winds and trapped here by an anticyclone. The choice of days in Also can when temperatures exceeded 30 degrees in Seoul rose from 0.2 days in the 1980s to 1.7 days in the 2010s. The warmth wave will gradually wind down beginning Monday with rain forecast national for Tuesday. Monday's prime is forecast at 29 degrees, plunging to 18 to 23 on Tuesday around the country earlier than the rain stops on Tuesday night.

Korean woman blowing up on Instagram on account of her insane visuals

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Korean woman blowing up on Instagram on account of her insane visuals

Known for her stunning face and perfect proportions, the type has briefly established herself as one of the vital premier Instagram stars in Korea. With her posts being a combination of either quirky and sexy, fans no doubtdiscovered her very fascinating and lovable. In fact, some even believe her more sexy than the maximum up to date K-pop idols such as AOASeolhyun.

BTS’s Jungkook Proves He’s More Than Your Reasonable Amateur Photographer

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BTS’s Jungkook Proves He’s More Than Your Reasonable Amateur Photographer

BTSs Jungkook Proves Hes More Than Your Moderate Amateur Photographeran0ya Might 29, 2016 0 BTSs Jungkook has shown off his photography skills via his surprising Europe shuttle photo diary!

The idol lately posted pictures from the teamsholiday to Northern Europe on BTSs reliable Twitter account. Other contributors accept also shared their snapshots from the trip, permittinglovers to get a glimpse of their amusing adventures in Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

Along with the photos, Jungkook wrote, I deleted all of thephotographs that I like, so not too many are left. Next time, I should just stay them all. Oops, I mean the ones that I didnt like, hohoho. I sought after to percentagethose photos as soon as possible, so I rushed with the editing! I plan to reedit them and upload higher quality versions. Good night. Not certain when Sick be uploading them, hehe.

Watch: Two times Holds Special Birthday Match Onstage For Member Dahyun

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Watch: Two times Holds Special Birthday Match Onstage For Member Dahyun

Watch: Two times Holds Special Birthday Tournament Onstage For Member Dahyunleonid Might 29, 2016 0 The ladies of TWICE display their affection for fellow member Dahyun on her birthday with a quickyetcandy event onstage.

They typically huddle in combinationand consider the camera, but this time handiest Dahyun luckily smiles at the camera whilstthe entire other TWICE individuals close their eyes.

BTOB Participants Wear “Shaving Performance” For Lovers At Airport

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BTOB Participants  Wear “Shaving Performance” For Lovers At Airport

BTOB ContributorsWear Shaving Functionality For Lovers At Airportleonid Might 29, 2016 0 BTOB members were captured in pictures shaving their faces to appearjust right for fans looking forward to them at the airport.

The 3 singers did no longerbrain the onlookers and endured shaving as a fan service, hilariously being dubbed as a Shaving Performance, for their supporters who went the entire mode to the airport to look them.

Jessica Is In A Midsummer Night’s Dream For The Megastar Magazine

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Jessica Is In A Midsummer Night’s Dream For The Megastar Magazine

Jessica Is In A Midsummer Nights Dream For The MegastarMag leonid Might 29, 2016 0 Jessica took phase in a photoshoot beneath the theme of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” for the June factor of magazine The Star.

She states, “I’m glad now that I’m doing what I admire and am ready to do best. This summer, I would truly like for more folksto grasp or so my song.”

She also doesn’t put from your mind to give credits to her fans, and says, “All this time I’ve been enduring with my fans. They lift me up when things are hard.”