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[Exclusive] NU’EST Autographed Photos Giveaway and Interview with Members

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Soompi met with NUEST again at an exclusive interview during their “L.O.Λ.E Tour in Taiwan,” much thanks to event organizer Joytime Entertainment. Despite missing Aron who was out of action due to acute enteritis, JR, Minhyun, Baekho, and Ren were brave and showed that they are moving away from rookies status to a group that can handle any sort of unforeseen circumstances. 

Want to know which member wants to play a female lead in a drama, how they like to be remembered by fans, and who do they want to form a unit group with if they were given the chance? Check out our interview now for their answers!

Q: We have heard NU’EST speak English and Japanese before. Since this is the first time visiting Taiwan, what Chinese/Taiwanese words have you guys learned especially for this trip?

Baekho: We wanted to prepare ourselves, but the pronunciation is really too difficult so we have only learned some simple greetings in Mandarin.

Ren: Zai jian (goodbye or see you again), wo ai ni men (I love you all).

Minhyun: Da jia hao (how are you).

JR: Wei (hellogreeting when answering phone)

Minhyun: Sorry we didnt prepare any greetings in Taiwanese. Maybe you can tell us?

Soompi: Da geh ho (how are you), dou shia (thank you, many thanks)

Q: NU’EST went to Australia last year as judges for the cover contest and most recently to Turkey in June. If you guys were ever to participate in a contest, what song will you perform? What solo cover would you like to sing/dance to?

Minhyun: We really like TVXQ and would like the five of us to cover one of their songs.

Q: There is this influx of sub-units in the Korean entertainment scene. Should NU’EST be given an opportunity to form your own sub-unit, which member/members would you like to work with and why?

Baekho: For me, Minhyun, because I think his vocal sounds the best.

Minhyun: JR and Aro, they are both rappers so I think it would be nice to form a unit with them.

JR: Ren and Aron, because Rens performance on stage is really good. I think the three of us together would make a great team. 

Ren: Yes me too; I want to be with JR and Aron.

Q: The involvement of fans in writing the lyrics of Sandy was really interesting. How did this idea come about?

JR: Our first album, titled Face, received very good results, so when we were putting out our second album Action, we discussed with our agency to repay our fans for their support with the song Sandy.

Q: Currently, you have sung the Korean, Japanese, and English version, and the fourth version – Chinese – will be performed tomorrow night. Of all these versions, which is the most difficult? What were the challenges you faced when singing it?

JR: I think the latest Mandarin version is the hardest. 

Baekho: We have been learing some Japanese, so it was easier for us to do the Japanese version. Aron can speak English, so it wasnt a big problem for us either. We didnt have any opportunity to learn Mandarin before, so this version is the most challenging to us.

Q: Now that Aron is absent, how does it affect your show tomorrow night?

Baekho: Of course it will affect  us, so we are in the midst of considering how to present our performance and make it perfect. Fans will be antipating the show tomorrow, so we will do our best!

Q: Minhyun said if he has the opportunity to act, he wants to act as a kkotminam (flower boy) in a movie like the drama Boys Over Flowers. Should there be a remake, which role will you want to take on?

Minhyun: I want to take the role played by Kim Hyun Joong (Yoon Ji Hoo).

Ren: I watched and really liked Boys Over Flowers. I want to take the role of Gu Jun Pyo. 

JR: I want to play the female lead Geum Jan Di.

Baekho: Gu Jun Pyo, because he has the most money in the show.

Q: How would you like yourself to be remembered by fans?

Baekho: I hope our fans remember our stage performances; thats the most direct interaction we have with our fan,s and its where we shine, performing for our fans.

JR: Our good looking faces [Exclusive] NU’EST Autographed Photos Giveaway and Interview with Members

Ren: I hope they remember our hearts that love them.

Minhyun: I hope they remember our easygoing selves who are  kind to fans and working hard to communicate with them.

Q: The Gwiyomi Player is one of the latest fads now. Did you learn how to do it? Who is the best at it? Can we see a NU’EST version of the Gwiyomi Player?

All: Yeah we did. Aron does it the best and Ren too.

Watch the video below for Rens version of Gwiyomi Player [Exclusive] NU’EST Autographed Photos Giveaway and Interview with Members

Q: What question is NUEST being asked the most?

Ren: What kind of performance are you presenting?

BaekhoJR: How different are you from other boy groups?

NU’EST has already made their comeback in August 2013 with Sleep Talking. Do continue to show your love and support for this awesome group! 

Additionally, Soompi is giving away four autographed photos (JR, Minhyun, Baekho, and Ren on individual photos). The contest will be running for four days (September 11 to September 14) . We will be announcing the winners in the article throughout the contest duration so make sure to come  back and take a look!!

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Spotted! Haha and Byul are elegant fashionistas on a buying groceries date

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Spotted! Haha and Byul are elegant fashionistas on a buying groceries date

On February 4th, the fame couple was once spotted buying groceries at Lotte department store as they looked atthe recentselection ofmodel brand, Rosa.K. Taking a lookelegant in an all black ensemble, the couple seemed like they were having a wonderful time picking out what they cherished from the line.

Furthermore, it become reported that HaHa and Byul stuck some commotion as the store attracted a kind of Chinese tourists, who were enthusiasts of the couple, looking totake dangle of a glimpse of them.

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My favorite 2012 rookie group Nuest is creating a Korean comeback! Their fourth mini-album Q is drops at the 17th.Mamamoo is gearing up for the unencumber of first studio album, Melting, on the 26th.B.A.P update: the gang has been teasing their upcoming mini-album, Carnival, that may drop on. Check up on the album duvet and symbol teasers released so far! There is also a video teaser up for B.A.Ps upcoming international tour, which kicks off in Seoul on the 20th.Rainbow has revealed the names for their new mini-album and identify track: Prism and Whoo respectively. Try out more block-colour teasers like Jae-kyungs (above) here.Brave Girls may be making a comeback with five new members and music Deepened. As discussed remaining Sunday, f(x) now has a fandom name: MeU, or μ!Seventeens vocal unit will be next to feature in Yoon Jong-shins per 30 days project, with the Valentine-themed Chocolate.Real men will be airing a new female squaddies special. Showedvisitors include FiestarCao LuAfter SchoolNanaLee Chae-young and Gong Hyun-joo.AOAs latest sub-unit, AOA Cream, is going the paranormal girl course alongside members Yuna, Hyejeong and Chanmi.Fantagios new boy group Astro is expected to debut on the 23rd.Exo leader Suhos debut film One Way Trip (AKA Glory Day) is decided for a March release. The film also stars Ji-soo (Sassy Go Go), Ryu Jun-yeol (Reply 1988) and Kim Hee-chan (The Producers)Crooner Dean is operating on a new album!Block B is related to be getting ready a comeback; and while March is being touted, Seven Seasons is yet to confrm a date.And finally, SM announced its highly ambitious new group, NCT. Read Eriannes in-depth research here. Other News

February 4th saw South Korean primefacultiesdanglecommencement ceremonies for their senior students. Idols graduating from Seoul College of Appearing Arts were given the maximum attention: Jiho of Oh My Girl, Yuju and Eunha of G-FriendEunjin and chaeyeon of DIASoojung of Lovelyz and DK of Seventeen.Congratulations to the entire new graduates from all schools! (Instagram, Korea Herald, Lonely Planet, My Daily, Naver12, Osen, Sports Donga, BestSuperstar News, Television Daily, Twitter123. Photographs via: DSP Media, SM Entertainment, Dice Entertainment, TS Entertainment, FNC Entertainment)

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f(x)’s Luna Has a “Dream” of Flying briefly MV for Upcoming Film

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f(x)’s Luna Has a “Dream” of Flying briefly MV for Upcoming Film

f(x)’s Luna Has a Dream of Flying briefly MV for Upcoming Movie notclaira February 5, 2016 0 f(x)’s Luna, who will soon be making her feature film debut in “Lightning Man’s Secret,” has released a quick clip of her OST song for the film. The song is known as “Dream,” fitting in with her persona Han Na, who dreams of flying like the eponymous superhero Lightning Man.

The video cuts scenes of the singer recording in the studio with some shots of her character in the film. Along side her friends, who are all dressed in colorful, cartoonish costumes, Han Na builds herself a jet-powered backpack and takes to the air to the skies. When things don’t move every bit planned, she has to be rescued by way of Lightning Guy himself.

In the song, Luna gets an opportunity to blow their own horns her robust vocals, emerging to a piercing top note as her character soars in the skies.

Just out on Blu-ray Korean film "Northern Prohibit Line"

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Korean film "Northern Prohibit Line" is to be hadto reserve on Blu-ray with English subtitles from YESASIA.

Park So Hyun Admits to Having Her Eye on Idol Crew The Legend

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Park So Hyun Admits to Having Her Eye on Idol Crew The Legend

Park So Hyun Admits to Having Her Eye on Idol Workforce The Legendnotclaira February 5, 2016 0 Actress Park So Hyun, who has receiveda name for being an “idol maniac,” latelymentioned her obsession back on MBC’s “The Gifted.”

On the February five episode, she spoke up about the newest batch of boy teams that she has her eye on. “Road Boyz, IMFACT, and The Legend all have 5 members,” she said. “I’m currently rooting for The Legend.”

Park So Hyun went directly to say, “Although at this time they could be happy, while youglance at idols closely, they have got a trulydifficult time. I just hope that they are ready to produce excellentsong even all the style through their hardships.”

C-JeS stocks the closing spotlight clip of JYJ bonding on their trip!

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C-JeS stocks the closing  spotlight clip of JYJ bonding on their trip!

In the videos that were released between the primarythru the fourth, the complete lotthe lads did equivalent to their undertaking to catch chicken, trip to karaoke, and more were wonundoubtedly by fans! The clips were even ranked as the maximum watched videos on TelevisionForged and enthusiasts are now waiting in anticipation for the unencumber of the trip's completeedition on DVD. 

IMFACT assists in keeping it classic via acting “Lollipop” in hanboks

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IMFACT assists in keeping it classic  via  acting “Lollipop” in hanboks

On February 5th, IMFACT stunnedloversby way of greeting their fans and the media in full guideapparel as they attended rehearsals for KBS Music Bank’s live broadcast. Joining other teamsakin to 4minute, Teenager Top, Woman Jane, Ryeowook and more, the crowd stood out with their traditional clothes for the Lunar New Year.

What surprised fans, however, was once that apart from attending rehearsals in such attire, the participants also controlledto tug off a live functionalityin their debut track “Lollipop” in their traditional wear. Fans were left touch by their trustworthy greeting as they closed their level alongside a formal bow.

Trainee Jeon Somi hospitalised whilst rehearsing for “Produce 101”

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Trainee Jeon Somi hospitalised whilst rehearsing for “Produce 101”

On the February 5th episode of Produce 101, it aired the struggles of the debuting artists whilstin the midst of rehearsals. Somi, for example, changed into in the centerof teaching and rehearsals when she felt unwell and complained of abdominal pain. However, regardless of the discomfort, the trainee expressed that she did no longerwould like to leave rehearsals with the individualsyetsooner or later tearfully followed orders to be checked.

Meanwhile, it was also all the style throughthe similar episode where Somi conducted Girls’ Generation’s “Into The recent World” with the remainder of her group.

'Clriden' denims hug HyunA's curves in new photo shoot

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'Clriden' denims hug HyunA's curves in new photo shoot

The new images released latelyend up why she is referred to assome of the idols with the maximum productive bodies in K-Pop, the denim denims hugging her curves to blow their own horns the voluptuous figure any person would die for.  

She also has fantastic chemistry with the male model, Yang Hong Seok, whom she paired up with for this attractive shoot.  Even pairing the jeans with an effortless white best has HyunA turning heads.