Understanding Kdrama: What’s A Candy Girl?

So Ji Sub, Gong Hyo Jin So JI Sub and Gong Hyo Jin Cheomdamdung Alice   If you've been watching "The Master's Sun" lately, you may have heardthe characters use the expression "Candy Girl" several times


Understanding Kdrama: What's A Candy Girl?  So JI Sub and Gong Hyo Jin Understanding Kdrama: What's A Candy Girl?  Cheomdamdung Alice


If you’ve been watching “The Master’s Sun” lately, you may have heardthe characters use the expression “Candy Girl” several times.

So Ji Sub’s character thinks other people are confused about hisrelationship with the seemingly crazy character played by Gong Hyo Jin.And he’s a little confused by it himself. When he is pretending to beengaged to someone else, he suggests they define their relationship andthat Gong Hyo Jin should become his Candy Girl.

This means he will become her “sugar daddy” and sponsor her, buying her a home and a car and paying for her expenses.

She also comments that people probably think she is a “Candy Girl,” awoman who wants to marry a rich man or be taken care of by him.

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