BEAST, chosen as model for China’s 3D Dance Game ‘Touch’

Popular idol group BEAST are chosen to represent China's 3D Dance Game 'TOUCH' which is under Perfect World, an online game company in China

BEAST, chosen as model for China's 3D Dance Game 'Touch'

Popular idol group are chosen to represent ’s Dance Game ‘’ which is under Perfect World, an online game company in China.

The company’s representative stated, “The launching of the 3D Game ‘TOUCH’ is going to embrace a wide range for Hallyu Dance Season. In regards to this, Perfect World invites different companies from local and overseas to conduct such as concerts, fanmeetings, MV making and a lot more. Therefore, we’ve chosen BEAST, Korea’s top idols as models.”

They added, “Prior to the release of the 3D Dance Game, we aim to be the best game provider with the help . We are hopeful that this game will attract not only local but international players as well. We will interact with by conducting various events.”

Source: TVDaily

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