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Are You "Looking Forward To Romance"

Daniel Choi, Kim Ji Won, BoA, Im Si Wan

Choi Daniel Kim Ji Won

Drama lovers can look forward to some romance in the upcomingtwo-episode pilot drama "Looking Forward to Romance." But who will thelucky couple be? In some reports, Choi Daniel and Kim Ji Won will be thelucky couple, but other reports say Choi will be teaching BoA a thingor two about love. Love triangle anyone?

In "Looking Forward to Romance, also called "Expect to Date," fouryoung people with different ideas about romance start to date. Some oftheir ideas about dating may clash.

Choi Daniel plays Cha Gi Dae, a dating coach who thinks he knows whatwomen think. Kim Ji Won plays Choi Sae Rom. BoA plays Joo Yeon Ae andZE:A's Im Si Wan plays Jung Jin Kook.

The first script reading went well and all the actors seemed to getalong. But once the cameras started rolling, even seasoned actors canget edgy.

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