12 Times TWICE Mina Showed Off Her Sexy Abs

12 Times TWICE Mina Showed Off Her Sexy Abs

TWICE is one of the hottest girl groups at the moment and Minas abs are at least as hot! TWICE is known for having a stunning group of visuals, each just as gorgeous and fit as the last. Having studied ballet and modern dance for 11 years, its no wonder that Mina has such a fit body. She is often praised for her amazing figure, especially her 11 abs, and is not shy about showing it off.

Check out these photos of Minas incredibly toned abs:

That crop top and those high-waisted jeans tease us with a glimpse at Minas amazing abs.Anyone would be envious of those toned abs and flat stomach.We may just see the top of Minas abs here, but still, WOW!Between Mina and Momos abs, theres almost too much flat tummy to handle in this pic!Minas abs are the image of perfection.What a goddess.Minas abs are no joke.She has a flawless body!Minas outfit exposes just a little bit of her abs, leaving us wanting more.

Those dance moves really accentuate her fit body.

Mina flexing for the camera.