12 Of The Most Evil Maknaes In K-Pop

12 Of The Most Evil Maknaes In K-Pop

Being the youngest in their groups, maknaes are often described as cute, innocent, and full of respect to their older members, but thats not the case for everyone. It seems like some maknaes were born to annoy their elders with their sassy comebacks and mischievous behavior. Here are some of the boldest and most savage youngsters of our time!

Super Juniors youngest is the definition of evil maknae, literally (according to Urban Dictionary, at least). His sharp tongue is his strongest weapon and thats what makes him really outstanding when it comes to the infamous Of Course Game, too.

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Kyuhyuns partner in crime and one of the first sinister maknaes is TVXQs Changmin. Also known as Lord Voldemin, Changmin is always up for a fight, especially when it comes to his beloved team members!

Seungri had a hard time adjusting to his group and his role as a maknae, and he still tends to show himself as the innocent victim of the others bullying. However, he is often too honest for his own good and is in charge of exposing BIGBANG members biggest secrets, including their drinking habits.

I learned it from the hyungs, tho! Although his older members often try to stop him from being cocky and a savage, they just cant deal with their maknaes bad behavior. Being in constant bickering with Jinyoung must be exhausting, so its understandable he wants to be the winner sometimes.

As VIXXs leader N explained, Hyuk used to be kind and cute, but now all members thinks that hes scary. From a lovely puppy to SatanHyuk, the maknae is not afraid to hit, punch, and throw the older members anymore, and he is in control of VIXX. Even Leo is in fear of him now.

You should never mess with TWICEs maknae, as Tzuyu is the queen of sassy comebacks. Her banters with leader Jihyo are always worth watching, because theres a real savage person under the cute and angelic face.

Sanha knows how to make the most of Yaja Time: he bosses the older members around when he has a chance to speak to them informally. The most hilarious moments come from the way he teases JinJin; he just wont let the leader live.

Dont get fooled by iKONs maknae either! Chanwoo might look adorable and awkward at first, but he can be absolutely savage with the others if he wants to. From disapproving stares to snarky comebacks, Chanwoos got it all.

Being caught in a continuous Tom and Jerry relationship with Joy, Yeri is always up for a good prank with the Red Velvet members. According to her, the important part is that she is always winner in these little battles, so the others need to step up their game sooner or later.

From trolling the rest of SF9 with fake bugs to speaking to them informally, Chani has tried everything. Despite being the youngest, he often expresses his disappointment in his members childish behavior, too.

Sometimes its enough to look at Sehuns face; you just know that hes judging the EXO members so hard! He is not often directly mean with his teammates, but hes trolled them many times before and his witty, sassy remarks are notable as well.

The list is not complete without BTSs Golden Maknae, Jungkook. Jimin and Jin could write novels about bickering with their maknae on top and Jungkook is really talented in imitating them, too. Somehow he always gets away with whatever he does, though!

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