ZE:A Member Dongjun Gets Physical For KBS Variety Show

ZE:A Member Dongjun Gets Physical For KBS Variety Show

ZE:A, Dongjun, SBS, Lee Ji Hoon

ZE:A Member Dongjun Gets Physical For KBS Variety Show ZE:A member Dongjun was recently confirmed to take part in KBS variety show "Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education," alongside actor Lee Ji Hoon. It is a must awaited program for ZE:A fans to show their support to Dongjun.

"Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education" is a Korean show that features a team of celebrities training and working their butts off and ending up competing against a neighborhood sports club. How cool is that? It is also a chance for that lucky neighborhood to compete with a celebrity. The show will be hosted by MCs Kang Ho Dong, Lee Soo Geun, and TVXQ's idol Changmin. The show first took on a ping pong challenge, then headed off to bowling. By now I guess, the members are currently playing badminton. Dongjun is said to be joining the MC's of the show together with Lee Ji Hoon. They have just taken a break for their training and decided to join Choi Dal Hwan, Lee Man Ki, John Park, Lee Jong Soo, Big Star's Feel Dog, and 2PM's Chansung just to give updates on their particular activities and their progress as a team.

Dongjun is undeniably known for his athletic skills and because of that fans expected to bring a more competitive and exciting match for both neighborhoods. Lee Ji Hoon on the other hand is a rookie who is known through his appearance in KBS drama "School 2013" and his current Korean drama in "You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin."

Dongjun and Lee Ji Hoon already recorded their activities in the show last July 17 and the airing of their premiere episode is scheduled this coming July 30.