HaHa and Byul welcome baby ‘Dream’!

Celebrity couple HaHa and Byul finally welcome their first baby boy!On July 9, HaHa announced the exciting news on his Twitter saying, “2013

HaHa and Byul welcome baby ‘Dream’!
Celebrity couple and finally welcome their first baby boy!

On July 9, HaHa announced the exciting news on his Twitter saying, “2013.7.9 am8.15 God’s dream.. Dreamie is watching me and smile now~^^ I’m now a father!! Dreamy who is born a week earlier than the schedule! By the luck of God~ on the no schedule Tuesday! I would like to thank God crazily~”

He added, “God who gives an honorable luck to be a dad~ I love you!! And moreover than anything.. Our wife Goeunie.. Being small and giving birth to a kid, clenching biting and whining, I don’t know how much she cried so toched.. Goeun ah.. Thank you.. I love you..”

“Now we have 3 little stars family hahaha Let’s live beautifully~ I really really love you.. And all of people around the world who is called mother.. Respect and I love you all! Married man fighting! Singles ~~ follow me haha ah….. Really happy!! Thank you!! I’ll live well~~^^”


Credit: @hahathfan

EXO’s Chanyeol Gets Named as the Newborn Baby Chef on ‘Roommates’
With the reveal of his character card, EXO′s Chanyeol is being anticipated on SBS’ Roommates. On April 16, Roommates released Chanyeol’s character card, giving him several nicknames. They included, “Fruitful Fruit who came from the EXO star,” “Chan-gyver, who knows how to use fire,” and “Growl newborn baby chef.”Roommates is about 11 celebrities of different occupations and ages that live under one room for several days...
KARA not to perform at “Dream Concert” + to concentrate on individual activities
If you”ve been wondering what KARA”s future holds, DSP Media has made an announcement about what they have planned so far for Gyuri, Seungyeon, and Hara.The agency stated on April 15, “KARA will not be attending the “Dream Concert“. Though we planned to have them attend in the beginning, we”ve decided not to. Seungyeon, Hara, and Gyuri will be focusing on their individual activities for now...
Kim Woo Bin holds a baby at his fan signing event
Looks like some of Kim Woo Bin”s fans may be the mothers to the most adorable babies in the world! The actor was seen coddling another infant, who was also dressed in a cute costume, at a recent fan signing event. The last time, the baby was dressed in a dinosaur costume.This time, the fan signing event for the outdoor brand “MERRELL” took place on April 11 at the Lotte Department Store. At the sight of the baby, Kim Woo Bin was yet again, unable to keep a smile off his face, showing that he had a cute fatherly side to him that added even more to his charms...
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