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Actor Lee Min Ho In Malaysia: 'I Want To Communicate With Fans Through 'My Everything'

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Actor Lee Min Ho In Malaysia: 'I Want To Communicate With Fans Through 'My Everything'

He was the Goo Joon Pyo, the heir of the Shinhwa Group Empire in Boy's Over Flower. A suave and gentleman architect, Jeon Jin-ho in Personal Taste. He later assumed a double life of an MIT graduate with a doctorate degree and codename 'City Hunter', Lee Yoon Sungin City Hunter before transforming himself as the brave captain of the Woodalchi warriors, General Choi Young in Faith. However, on the afternoon of 28th June 2013, he is the man himself, Lee Min Ho. This Korean heartthrob is back in Malaysia, not to promote his new drama but for his Global Fan Meeting Tour bringing 'My Everything' his debut album, together with him.

A press conference was held at Vivatel Hotel, Kuala Lumpur where Lee Min Ho greeted the local media before gracing his showcase and meet-and-greet session at Kenanga Wholesale City Mall on 29th June 2013 at 7.00pm. He greeted the medias with wide smile clearly drawn on his face. Unlike the strong personality in each of his drama characters, he was quite a shy man and humble off the camera.

As the album 'My Everything' was a special treat and gift to his fans, he gave his everything in preparing this album. He wants to deliver a different image of him and injected a 'happy various' mood upon presenting the album to his fans and the listeners. This album also was another way of him communicating and expressed his love to his fans. Let's take a look at what's in stored for the press in regards to his debut album together with his on-going journey as an actor in the excerpts of the interview below:

Q1: Is this your first time visiting Malaysia?

A: Actually, this is my second visit to Malaysia. I first came in 2009 as the ambassador for this Korean beauty product in conjunction of their product launching.

Q2: Hopefully you don't mind if I asked the next question, how did you managed to reach the height that you are now (you're so tall indeed)?

A: [Laugh] Thank you for the compliment, but all the members in my family is actually quite tall. I guess the genes run through the blood.

Q3: You're here for your album 'My Everything' promotion, can you tell us more about the album?

A: This is indeed my very first official album and in celebration of it, I want to dedicate the songs in the album to all my fans, and that's the reason I came here to Malaysia to have this special fan meeting, which is going to be held tomorrow...everything is for my fans.

Q4: Is there any special message from the album since it is entitled 'My Everything'

A: I want to communicate with the fans through this album, hence there are various moods were put in it. You will get to listen to ballads for a more emotional feeling and dance-pop songs for a happier mood.

Q5: You're known through the series of dramas you acted in such as Boys Over Flower, City Hunter, and the latest Faith, and this is the first time you're contributing your voice. Can you describe how do you feel about it?

A: It was a new dimension for me and from this experience; I have learned the difficulties and how hard other artists (singers) have gone through and the efforts that they have put into singing. I can say it's a new self-discovery too for me, as I'm exploring the new side of myself too.

Q6: Is there any specific problem or obstacles that you faced when you practiced your singing?

A: I never managed to sing fast songs and I realized to sing this kind of fast beat song is quite a challenge.

Q7: Will you dance for tomorrow? (showcase)

A: For tomorrow's showcase, I'll perform a little bit of dancing through my songs.

Q8: We were informed that you would appear in a new drama entitled 'The Heirs'. Can you tell us more about this drama?

A: It's a teenage romance drama surrounded in a high school, and the focus will be the love story of the main characters.

Q9: Do you actually consider extending your career to singing since you can sing so well?

A: I never actually debuted as a singer but I'll continue singing to my fans and continue making new songs. However, since I'm not a singer to begin with, I never thought of becoming a singer as my profession.

Q10: Do you prefer acting in a drama or singing?

A: Because I'm an actor to begin with and once you are acting in a drama, you have to spend a lot of time into developing and live up the character, thus my focus is more into acting in the drama.

Q11: Would you ever think or try to get a role as a host or MC of any program?

A: At the moment, I haven't practically thought about becoming a host or MC yet, maybe when I have a more free time, I will sit and have a thought about it.

Q12: Any artist you wish to work with in the future?

A: Recently, I was paired with Park Shin Hye in a drama and my priority is to wrap up the shooting of the drama. I'll think about collaborating with other artists once the filming is done.

Q13: Even though you have a hectic schedule, you manage to look good and healthy. Is there any secret to have such a healthy

image or would you shared some tips with us?

A: There is no secret to it, but I tend to wash my face early and most importantly to have an enough hours of sleeping (sleep at the right time and wake up at the right time)

Q14: You've visited Malaysia before. Was there any specific Malaysian cuisine that you have tried and places you've been to that you want to share with us?

A: I really want to visit the Twin Towers. On my last visit, my schedule was rather packed thus I don't have much time to go anywhere. However, this time around I won't miss the opportunity to try all the delicious Malaysian delicacies.

Q15: In your opinion, were there any differences between Malaysian culture and Korean culture? If there were any, what would it be?

A: I've travelled to so many countries around Asia and I felt that there isn't any much difference between one country and another. The taste of the people's in those countries is almost the same. After all, we're human race.

Q16: Is there any special similarities between the Asian countries that you have visited?

A: In my opinion, when you are in a happy mood while travelling, there's no need to compare the country with others. Each is special and unique in their own ways.

Q17: For tomorrow showcase, is there anything to expect from the Malaysia fans?

A: Rather than expecting anything from the fans, since this is my very first performance in front of Malaysian fans, I just want everyone to enjoy the show and be satisfied with my performance. I wish all of us could enjoy our time together tomorrow.

Q18: Is there anything you would like to say to the press/fans?

A: First of all, I would like thank everyone who came to see me today and for tomorrow at the showcase, I'll try my very best to make the most of it and I hope the fans will have a happy time there and if you do come tomorrow, I'll try to make the best of it.

Writer: Amalina.A | Photo Credits: Nik Tim | Special Thanks: Jazzy Group of Companies

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I’ve watched my fair proportion of dramas, so this occurs to me all of the time. The problem? Every so often aneget starteda sequencethis isin the midst of airing and then overlookto test back for the following episode. Or I can’t locate information technology with subtitles and I tell myself that I'llglanceback later. Or, I just get busy and then it’s unexpectedly a year later and all I do not forget is the anguished appearance in the hero’s eyes as he tells the heroine she’s too just right for him.

So, fellow Soompiers, lend a hand me out! Here are some of my private unicorns:1. I watched this whilst in Korea around 2011/2012 – I believe it used to be still airing at the time. It turned into a romantic comedy with two chaebol cousins, yet another competent than the other, and a fewlady that worked for them and it was an epic love square. The non-competent cousin was at all timesin point of factworried and sucked at his activity and the lady helped him get better. I know this is actually vague, but I bear in mindobserving ten episodes in a row right through Korean Thanksgiving and then I were given busy and not watched the rest, but now I'm incredibly curious.

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Not handiest that, in "A Violent Prosecutor", Park Seong-woong plays Yang Min-woo who dreams of being a celeb prosecutor. He is easily suited and should do the rest for his luckfirstly of the motion picture but as the movie is going on, his personality is clumsy and filled with holes.

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Jo Min-ki who takes on the role of Tae Jo, the king and father of 4excellenttaking a look sons, "I hope this drama cooperates with all my sons, seniors and juniors, directors, manufacturers and staff. I just hope no person gets disregarded or hurt".

Stills prove a pig head with the Korean Won, Eastern Yen, US Bucksor even British Pounds. The NBC Universal body of workers were at the ritual and also wantedthe simplest for "Time Slip: Ryeo".

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