Weddings in Kdrama: The Good, The Bad And The Fantasy Ceremony

Weddings in Kdrama: The Good, The Bad And The Fantasy Ceremony


Weddings in Kdrama: The Good, The Bad And The Fantasy Ceremony Son Ye JinWeddings in Kdrama: The Good, The Bad And The Fantasy Ceremony Chae Jung Ahn and Song Seung Hoon

With all the celebrity weddings making headlines this summer, it maybe time to discuss some favorite kdrama wedding scenes. Besides thewealth of celebrity wedding buzz, bridal events also provide plot twistsin two current dramas.

The first takes place in "Shark." Jo Hae Woo, played by Son Ye Jin,was enjoying her wedding when her first love, a man she thought dead,shows up to break her heart. Ouch. Way to spoil a wedding. Fortunately,she doesn't quite recognize him and at least gets to enjoy some of herspecial day.

Then there's the "When A Man Loves" picture posted this week of BaekSeung Jo, played by Chae Jung Ahn. Wearing a wedding dress, she'sstanding next to Han Tae Sang, played by Song Seung Hoon. Is this afantasy? Is he going to marry her since his former love turned out sowrong? Or is she marrying someone else?

Kdrama weddings can be good, bad or just fantasy sequences.

For weddings gone wrong, none can top the rustic ceremony in "BridalMask." To tell you how badly this ends would be a serious plot spoiler,but stock up on tissues if you haven't seen it.

Another wedding that plays out badly is the one in the openingepisode of "Personal Taste." Note: if you are marrying your bestfriend's boyfriend, it's always a good idea to let her know ahead of thewedding, so she doesn't crash and cause a scene.

Maybe the most nightmarish kdrama wedding takes place in the openingsequence of "Mary Stayed Out All Night." Mary, played by Moon GeunYoung, is walking down the aisle with her boyfriend, played by Jang KeunSuk, and everything is great until her dad rushes over and introduces asecond groom. "Mary Stayed Out All Night' might win the award for themost weddings in one kdrama as there's also a fake one and an incompleteceremony later on. It is a funny pun that the other English title for this is "Marry Me Mary". Okay.

Some weddings are just fantasy sequences. In "You're Beautiful," ParkShin Hye imagines her wedding to Jang Keun Suk, but they just argue infront of the altar.

The wedding it would be easier to imagine also features Jang KeunSuk. It's the one at the end of"Love Rain," when he and YoonA rush offto the ceremony, dressed in their bridal clothes and pause to kissunder a flower-covered trellis.

But if it came down to the happiest ceremony and the best weddingkiss, it has to be the one in "Playful Kiss." Oh Ha Ni, kisses Kim HyungJoong with so much enthusiasm that the room dissolves into nervouslaughter. A close second happens in "Big." Gil Da Ran is taking weddingpictures with Yoon Jae, played by Gong Yoo. Only, he's not really herfiance. He's Kang Gyung Joon, played by Shin Won Ho, trapped in herfiance's body and he takes the opportunity steal a kiss. How can sheprotest?

Do you have any favorite kdrama weddings? Let us know.