[Video] Added Korean drama ‘Crazy Love’ episode 32

Added episode 32 for the Korean drama "Crazy Love" Watch on DramaFever "Crazy Love" (2013)Directed by Lee Chang-hanWritten by Jang Soo-won, Jeon Bo-kyeongNetwork : tvNWith Park Seon-yeong, Ko Se-won, Heo Tae-hee, Kim Yeon-joo, Yoo Hye-ri, Choi Dae-hoon,

[Video] Added Korean drama 'Crazy Love' episode 32

Added episode 32 for the “Crazy Love”

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“Crazy Love” (2013)

Directed by Lee Chang-han

Written by Jang Soo-won, Jeon Bo-kyeong

Network : tvN

With Park Seon-yeong, Ko Se-won, Heo Tae-hee, Kim Yeon-, Yoo Hye-ri, Choi Dae-hoon,…

100 episodes – Mon~Thurs, 09:45AM

It’s a hard knock life for (Park Seon-yeong). A destitute young Mi So was brought up in an orphanage, yet eventually found good fortune in the form of Lee Min Jae (Heo Tae-hee), a rich heir. But what appeared to be a storybook ending with her prince turns into tragedy when Tae Hee leaves her high and dry as a young divorcee. Cast away like a used toy, Mi So hits her all-time low: after a life of abandonment and betrayal, can she reset and find love again?

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2013/04/08

[Video] Added Korean drama 'Crazy Love' episode 32

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