[Spoiler] “Gu Family Book” Lee Yoo-bi ignores Lee Seung-gi

Lee Yoo-bi ignored Lee Seung-gi. On the thirteenth episode of the MBC drama "Gu Family Book", Park Cheong-jo (Lee Yoo-bi) chose to be a gisaeng

Lee Yoo-bi ignored Lee Seung-gi.

On the thirteenth episode of the MBC Gu Family Book“, Park Cheong-jo (Lee Yoo-bi) chose to be a gisaeng.

Cheong-jo wore a fancy dress and went out into the streets after she completed her lessons. It was like the first stage where she showed herself to everyone. She felt as if everyone was watching her as she headed for the House of Chunhwa.

Choi Kang-chi (Lee Seung-gi) saw her and called her name. She looked back and found him but she ignored him and carried on walking.

Choi Kang-chi called her named again and Cheong-jo turned around to say, “Do you have some business with me? Come to the House of Chunhwa if you want something”.

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