11 Of The Most Relatable Korean MVs About Life

11 Of The Most Relatable Korean MVs About Life

One of the greatest gifts artists have is the ability to express life through music. Most artists even leave the meaning of the song up to the interpretation of each individual, which allows us to connect with different songs depending on our moods, mindset, etc. Our own interpretations can also connect us with other people who feel the same way. The MVs below are just some examples of relatable songs that might speak to you just when you need it.

There are many days when life gets a little crazy, and we all end up needing an outlet to vent. While G-Dragon can be a little extreme at times, he is definitely relatable. Life can be really confining, and its hard to live up to other peoples expectations. Like G-Dragon, Im pretty sure we all wish we could just let everything go and be crooked for once.

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I feel like Sentimental is the perfect title for this song. Emotions get in the way more often than we think, and many times, we get stuck in that moment where we really just dont know what to do. When youre sentimental, being stuck in the bedroom and staring at the ceiling can become a very familiar past-time.

When it comes to BTS, basically every song theyve ever made is relatable; and we connect with each song in different ways. This MV particularly speaks to those who are stuck living according to other peoples expectations. Instead of being trapped, we need to stop living other peoples dreams and find our own instead.

Regardless of what our priorities are, it seems like we are all still searching for an answer in life. I think we can all relate to the frustration that FTISLAND is trying to show in this MV. Despite what other people think, we will find an answer no matter what it takes. Even if we get lost, we can still figure out where to go in the end.

After a hard day, the thing we all want to do the most is just go home and relax; but sometimes, we can be at home and still be stressed out about everything. When hard things happen, its easy to forget about the important things, including taking care of ourselves.

Life: It can be crazy, it can be cruel, and it can even be sad; but its still beautiful. Mainly, its because we can dream. Dreams are really fragile things, and they can easily get crushed. Yet, just as Taeyeon expresses in her song, if we can figure how to live our dreams, we can fully understand why life is beautiful, regardless of our hardships.

Even if were not sure who we are yet, the best way to figure it out is by trying to do the things we love, whether its listening to music, finding pretty lipsticks, or even figuring out our favorite colors. Its okay to take our time; were young. Even as we get older, we will still be discovering new things about ourselves.

I think the most relatable part of this song is the fact that we are all the best drivers of our own paths. Despite trying to do our best in life, its easy to end up comparing ourselves to others. In the end, most of us forget that everyone else is trying just as hard as we are.

All of us, at one point or another, have had fears about becoming adults. Its a big step to make, stepping out into the world on our own. Sometimes, it feels like the world is about to crumble into pieces. While were bound to mess a few things up from time to time, its still hard to get rid of the fear of failure, even for successful people like Mino.

I think the greatest thing about this song is the fact that it was literally written for all of us. The insecurities of our youth, the frustrations, the fear of our future; we are all familiar with these things. They help us grow. Tomboy stresses the idea that the things we learn in our lives dont need to be learned all at once.

Its easy to take things for granted in life. Its even easier to be focused on the things that we dont have or want. When considering the people we love, most of us dont even know the kinds of sacrifices they make to help us be happy. Theyd go to the ends of the earth for us. The best thing we can do for them is to love them in return. While The Ark has unfortunately disbanded, their debut song The Light still stays with us as it communicates that very message.

What are some other relatable songs and MVs that you know and love? Share in the comments below!

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