11 Most Revealing Stage Outfits That Were Almost Banned

11 Most Revealing Stage Outfits That Were Almost Banned

Here are 11 outfits that tested the limits as to whats acceptable in K-Pop. Censorship committees in Korea almost banned some of these outfits, and when you see the images below, you might understand why.

This outfit sparked couples with their suggestive dance moves sparked some controversy. As the name of the group and concept represent a high school class, it seemed indecent to sexualize them using such provocative dances in school uniform style outfits.

10. Girls Generation Tiffany Taeyeon

Tiffany and Taeyeon covered Lady Marmalade and to go along with the theme of the song they wore flamboyant provocative costumes that made fans jaws drop.

Six Bombs Wait 10 Years Baby was banned from all broadcasts because of the skin tight outfits that left nothing to the imagination. Regardless, Six Bomb garnered huge attention for their unique outfits and got to perform in festivals and stages that were not broadcast.

Rookie girl group LAY-T became the talk of the town after these pictures were uploaded on the web. The images, snapped on May 5th of 2013 (Buddhas birthday), show the group wearing short skirts and pants.

For their comeback, all the girls wore spy-like skintight leather custom outfits, but the most eye-popping were by far was Seolhyuns, one piece outfit. With a transparent midriff section, no shoulders, and revealing some cleavage, fans rated it the sexiest and most revealing of the group.

Stellar seemed to have revealed a little more than they wanted to. Before the live performance, fans and netizens alike called the group out for their revealing attire in the music video.

Dal Shabet caught the eyes of fans around the world with their daring choreography and short skirts. These outfits raised eyebrows within the censorship committee, who demanded Dal Shabet to change both the dance and outfit.

During a concert in China, miss As Suzy was photographed wearing what was probably her most revealing outfit to date. The wide open top she wore showed off her cleavage, while her short black shirt and thigh-high socks showed off a lot of lower body skin.

At just 17 years old when the photos were taken, fans expressed their outrage over Jung Hwas outfit for their song Every Night. Jung Hwa sported very short shorts and red and white see-through shirts that revealed most of her upper body.

When Hello Venus Wiggle Wiggle came out,  they became an instant topic of discussion, mainly for the provocative attire.

On the 31st broadcast of KBSs Music Festival show, Sistar performed their song So Cool in very short red dresses that turned heads and faced heavy criticism after the show ended.