11 Lit AF Songs By The Rap Lines Of K-Pop Groups

11 Lit AF Songs By The Rap Lines Of K-Pop Groups

K-pop groups with more than one rapper are easy to fall in love with, as the different rapping styles and flows can create something truly magical. While the greatest vocalists are able to deliver beautiful ballads and breathtaking covers, rap lines often surprise us with amazing unit tracks.

Check out these unique songs performed by the rappers of our favorite K-pop groups!

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If you need a confidence boost, its time to listen to the latest addition to the epic list of high-quality hip-hop releases by BTSs rappers! Rap Monster, Suga, and J-Hope are known as one of the strongest rap lines in todays K-pop world, and they are not afraid to show us their confidence in their abilities.

GD TOP is a powerful duo, and this list would be incomplete without them. The two rappers and childhood friends spoiled us with a couple of real club bangers, but Zutter is also worth a listen with the edgy vibes of the song and the crazy music video.

Its easy to have more than one incredibly gifted rapper if your group consists of 13 members. The hip-hop unit of SEVENTEEN has released numerous mixtapes to demonstrate their talent and the effortlessly cool Check-In became a fan favorite in no time.

Yongguk and Zelo were the first members we got to know before B.A.Ps debut, as the sub-unit BANGZELO dropped the single Never Give Up in 2011. Luckily, it wasnt the only time the two created something amazing together. Pray is one of the most extraordinary songs on their 2016 album Noir, and we all need to appreciate the deepness of the lyrics.

The instrumentals of the song would be perfect for a horror movie, but No Joke sends a clear message to everyone: Zico, Kyung and P.O are back and ready to take their music to a higher level. We would like to hear more from this trio!

Hoyas departure from INFINITE left us all devastated, and the rap sub-unit of him and Dongwoo will be truly missed. The duo experimented with a lot of styles while working together, and Pretty was arguably one of the highlights of their releases.

The light melody and the sweetness of the MV is probably not what you first expected from MONSTA Xs rapper line, but BeMyFriend is a perfect summer jam. Dont we all want to be besties with Jooheon and I.M?

Double B is always on point when it comes to rapping, and the infamous duo got the chance to showcase their talent and chemistry in Anthem. The high-energy track is as catchy as possible and the hot verses prove why we love iKONs rappers so much.

There are many things we are missing from Topp Doggs original line up, and the swaggy rap line is definitely one of them. Peekaboo shows us the charismatic and tough side of the four rappers, and its really easy to go with the strong beat and the flow of the track.

Its not every day SM artists release hip-hop tracks with strong rap verses, but Mark and Taeyong from NCT 127 set the bar really high with Mad City. They know how to spit fire, yet the lyrics blend smoothly with the beat.

EXOs iconic attempt to create a lit hip-hop song for their rappers cant be ignored. While most of us are still not over Kris and his legendary roll like a buffalo, its hard to deny that Two Moons has its own charm and the chorus is catchy as hell. And dont forget Keys English verses!

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