11 Korean Rock Artists Everyone Needs To Hear

11 Korean Rock Artists Everyone Needs To Hear

When people talk about music in Korea, most refer to RB and K-pop groups, yet there arent many who talk about rock music. This underrated genre certainly deserves more attention, especially considering many K-pop groups use elements of rock in their own music. So take a look below at some of Koreas greatest rock artists. Youll be surprised at how talented they truly are.

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The Bursters are essential to anyone interested in rock. As far as modern rock goes, the emotional depth to their songs and lyrics will always leave you satisfied.

If you want an epic band that you can low-key sing along to (without losing your voice), then Boohwal is perfect for you. The way they meld ballad and rock together will never fail to give you goosebumps.

In contrast to traditional K-pop bands, CNBLUE fuses rock with lighter pop melodies to give their songs an upbeat rhythm. If youre more into K-pop than rock, this band stands as a great intro into both genres.

With Guckkasten, youll never be disappointed. Not only are their drum and guitar skills on point, their vocalist is capable of singing basically anything.

Jung Joon Young may look young, but his powerfully deep voice is well-seasoned from many years of mastering ballad and rock songs. This is his greatest weapon when it comes to epic rock ballads.

The Rose just debuted this year, yet the way they subtly mix soft rock into their ballads gives everyone a feeling that they wont be like your typical boy band. Theyre already skilled at their instruments, and their voices have so much potential. It makes us hope theyll come out with more rock in the future.

Just by listening to Sugar Donut, youll instantly be transported to the early 2000s where post-hardcore rock really kicked off. Regardless of how old their songs get, they will forever represent that golden era full of hardcore rock and creative expression.

Crying Nut is absolute legend. Their expert skills at giving high-energy performances always leave the audience going crazy. Even if you lose your voice and your hearing, the experience is still worth it.

As a band, Norazo doesnt tend to do heavy metal, yet they certainly have a natural gift for blowing out your eardrums. Their extremely high vocal range is so piercing, everyone who listens to it is left in awe.

Jaejoong makes the kind of rock thats perfectly suited for when youre feeling some major teenage angst. Hes got the velvet voice, the smokey eyes, and even a bit of that fallen angel complex. Rest assured, his music will bring out the emo in all of us.

A lot of people say FTISLAND is the go-to band for anything rock-related, and its the absolute truth. Theyve been together for over 10 years, and theyve experimented with just about every genre of rock that exists. For any newbies in the world of Korean rock, FTISLAND is essential.

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