11 Idols Who Make Beauty Marks Sexy

11 Idols Who Make Beauty Marks Sexy

Many idols are known for their striking, one of a kind features, but these idols, in particular, are known for their unique beauty marks.

From their talent to their charisma to the way they treat their fellow idols, fans never have trouble finding things to love about their favorite idols. One thing fans love the most, however, is when their favorite idol has a specific trait that sets them apart from other idols.

These 11 idols have unique and eyecatching beauty marks that their fans just cant get enough of:

The twin marks above JBs left eyebrow are easily noticeable. Many fans believed at one point that they were scars from an eyebrow piercing.

While many idols (unfortunately) usually cover their marks with makeup, HyunA instead emphasizes the mark under her eye and makes it a part of her look.

Jinhwan has a very unique heart-shaped beauty mark on his right cheek.

The row of five marks going down Ilhoons left cheek is affectionately referred to as the Ilhoon Constellation by fans. Unfortunately, he usually covers them up with makeup.

The two little beauty marks around L.Joes left eye are one of his most striking features.

Qri has an adorable beauty mark right on the tip of her nose. Its one of her trademark features!

Ns three beauty marks (one on his cheek, one on his neck, and one on the top of his ear) form a triangle shape that fans like to call the Bermuda Triangle Trio.

The tiny beauty mark beneath Daehyuns left eye is adored by fans, especially because he rarely covers it up.

BamBam also has a mark under his eye. Fans call it a teardrop mark because of how close it is to his eye.

Seeing Zicos beauty marks is a very rare sight because they are almost always covered up, but when fans see them, they go crazy.

J-Hope has a beauty mark just at the edge of his upper lip that he keeps concealed most of the time, but fans adore him all the more for it.