11 Great Reasons Why You Should Stan BTOB Right Now

11 Great Reasons Why You Should Stan BTOB Right Now

If you havent been stanning BTOB already, youre definitely missing out. BTOB is a hidden gem in the K-pop world that you wont be able to get enough of once you discover them. Take a second to read through these reasons and watch the videos because I guarantee that by the end of it, youll see the charm and appeal of this one-of-a-kind K-pop group.

Here are just 10 reasons why you should stan BTOB:

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Theyve got the perfect balance of cute and manly.

2. Their Cleopatra video feat. MONSTA X

This video is so famous in the BTOB (and MONSTA X) circle because itll have you falling of your chair from laughing so hard.

3. They have a friendship with Apink and B.A.P that are serious goals

4. They stick up for people when theyre being mistreated

(Skip to 7:39 play close attention to Chang Subs part because youre guaranteed to swoon)!

5. Their vocal line (BTOB Blue) is pretty close to perfection

Consider your ears blessed.

Yook Sungjae has a kitty and Peniel has a dog (which just recently got sent back to the States). All the members arent shy about expressing their love for these two pets!

7. Their rap line can SING

The BTOB vocal line has a high range in vocal ability, which makes it so much more impressive when the rappers can hit those notes!

8. and their vocal line can RAP

Here is their representation of a cherry blossom tree.

Here are the members putting on their best impression of fellow member Hyunsik and his signature eye smile.

10. They are a group with many faces

One of the rare K-pop groups that arent afraid to toss their idol image.

11. They are so relatable


This is why theyre known for their vocals.

13. They produce a lot of their own music.

A lot of their hit songs were produced by the members themselves. Hyunsik and Ilhoon produce most of their songs.

Here is a recently produced solo song by Hyunsik (which showcases his ability to play the electric guitar):

And a recent track produced by Ilhoon for PENTAGON:

If you need further convincing to love this group, check out their amazing songs, Ill Be Your Man, Second Confession, Wow, and Way Back Home.

Hey Soompiers and Melodies, why do you stan BTOB? Let us know in the comments below!

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