11 Dream Collabs We Wish Would Finally Happen

11 Dream Collabs We Wish Would Finally Happen

Do you ever listen to an artist and just know theyd sound amazing if they had the chance to collaborate with another singer? Sometimes well get lucky and our dream collabs will happen on their own – way before we even know its the partnership we needed. Other times, however, our dream collabs end up being faraway improbabilities – destined to haunt us with their untapped potential forever. Here are 11 collaborations (in no particular order) we wish would finally happen in real life:

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If you count their participation in American rapper Deciphers Catch Me If You Can Remix from 2010, Jay Park and Ailee have technically collaborated with each other before. But it would be phenomenal to hear these two soloists matched up again – this time on a duo track of their own. With Ailees powerhouse vocals and Jay Parks sharp rap, this dream collab is an all-kill in the making.

2. Tablo BTSs Rap Monster

The song hasnt even been recorded yet and its already the socially conscious anthem weve always been waiting for. Both incredibly intelligent and accomplished in their own right, a collaboration between Tablo and Rap Monster would be like hip-hop brain food.

3. EXOs D.O. Baekhyun with Girls Generations Seohyun

Can we give this unofficial unit group a STATION single already? Girls Generations Seohyun could definitely do some damage in a trio with EXOs D.O. and Baekhyun. These three are the perfect combination for an album of sultry RB tracks, and seeing them perform together on a live stage would just be an added bonus.

4. BTSs Suga, 24Ks Jeonguk, FIESTARs Yezi, MONSTA Xs Jooheon I.M

Circle room cyphers were meant for rappers like this fierce dream unit, and these five would devour the beat if given the chance. Suga and Yezis cutthroat style of rap would blend well with I.Ms deep tone, Jooheons fast-paced rhymes, and Jeonguks tough verses.

Just thinking about these two in the studio together is enough to give you chills. Though Oh Hyuk generally leans more toward an alternative sound, his collaborations with Code Kunst on Parachute and Cant Love You Anymore with IU are proof that he can tackle a variety of genres. And Lee Hi is just as versatile. Pairing their already super unique voices together would be like concocting modern-day magic: legendary.

Were long overdue for another collab between YG Entertainment groups now, and BLACKPINK on a track with iKON is the ideal fix. The groups already share similar musical vibes, in addition to their previous promotions for LG and fashion brand NONA9ON in the past. All they need now is a musical collaboration to seal the deal.

7. SEVENTEENs Performance Unit with NCTs Ten Taeyong

The stage isnt set up and the choreography hasnt even been made, but this unit dance group already feels like it deserves a spot at all of the end-of-the-year award shows. SEVENTEENs Jun, Hoshi, Dino, and The8 along with NCTs Ten and Taeyong are an unprecedented combination, and itd be great to see their talents shining through beside each other on stage.

8. Ladies Code Red Velvet

A collaboration between Ladies Code and Red Velvet would be like mashing up Red Velvets Automatic with Ladies Codes Galaxy. Their songs would be just the right balance of unconventional and melodic, and youd be guaranteed to have their collaboration single stuck in your head all day.

Honestly, why hasnt this one happened yet? We all know how much J-Hope loves Tinashe. In any interview hes asked, he always mentions the American soloist as the number one artist he wants to collaborate with.

And Tinashe herself even said shed be down to collaborate with J-Hope in a separate interview.

Since both are exceptional dancers with similar musical tastes, a J-Hope and Tinashe collab already boasts the recipe for success. Now its just a matter of getting the planets to align the right way to finally turn it into a reality.

SHINee and f(x) have technically collaborated once before on Lollipop back in 2011, but that non-promoted album track doesnt even showcase a sliver of what these two groups could accomplish in a full title track. Just look at Taemin and Lunas short duo dance practice of Taemins solo Press Your Number in this clip below.

And thats only when one member from either group collaborates. Imagine what SHINee and f(x) could do with all nine members, actual studio time, and a real production budget.

11. Gong Minzy Girls Generations Hyoyeon

Whats better than one veteran idol with unrivaled dance skills? Two veteran idols with mutual respect for each other. In an industry that constantly pits artists with similar talents against each other, Gong Minzy and Hyoyeon voice their admiration for one another in this clip from Abnormal Summit below.

These two ladies are already explosive performers on their own, and an official collaboration would easily change the game.

Hey Soompiers, what are some of your dream collabs? Let us know in the comments!

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