Siwon and Seohyun join Kyuhyun and YoonA in new ‘SKT LTE’ CFs

Super Junior‘s Siwon and Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun have joined their labelmates Kyuhyun, Sulli, Minho, and YoonA as the new endorsement models for ‘SKT LTE‘

Siwon and Seohyun join Kyuhyun and YoonA in new ‘SKT LTE’ CFs

‘s Siwon and Girls’ Generation‘s have joined their labelmates , Sulli, Minho, and as the new endorsement models for ‘SKT LTE‘.

The CFs feature Siwon and Seohyun enjoying a date with some orange juice and showing off their moves in a dance battle.

Check out the CF as well as their in the clips below!

Siwon and Seohyun’s CF

Seohyun’s CF

Siwon’s CF

Siwon vs. Kyuhyun and Seohyun vs. YoonA CF

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