Jung Yong Hwa Joins Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye in “The Heirs”

Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, The Heirs Jung Yong Hwa     CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa must really like acting with Park Shin Hye

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Jung Yong Hwa Joins Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye in “The Heirs”  Jung Yong Hwa



’s Jung Yong Hwa must really like acting with Park Shin Hye. Hejust signed on to act with her in their third , “The Heirs,” alsostarring Lee Min Ho.

In “You’re Beautiful,” he was Shin Woo, the guy who did not get thegirl, who was played by Park. In “Heartstrings,” he did get the girl,played by Park. But don’t expect that to happen again. Although littleis yet known about the exact storyline, in the new SBS drama, it’slikely that his competition will be Lee Min Ho.

Given the great cast, the writer and the director, the 20-episode SBSdrama promises to be one of the most anticipated this year.

Park Shin Hye, who recently appeared in the film, “Miracle in CellNo. 7,” and the romantic comedy, “Flower Boys Next Door,” has signed onto play the lead female role.

In recent interview, she stated that she was “so glad to have a chance to work with writer Kim Eun Sook.”

Kim is known for her work in “ Garden, “A Gentleman’s Dignity,”"Lovers in Paris” and “On Air.” “ Garden” became a hit not onlyin Korea but internationally.

All three actors have expressed their enthusiasm about working with the well-respected writer.

Lee Min Ho, known for his performance in “Boys Over Flowers,”"Personal Taste,” “City Hunter” and “Faith,” says he has always wantedto be in one of Kim’s dramas.

“This time my dream is coming true,” said Lee. “I am excited to beworking with a writer and director that I have always respected.”

Jung Yong Hwa has already worked with Kim, making a cameo appearanceas a student in “A Gentleman’s Dignity” and he was happy to be askedagain.

Director Kang Sin Hyo is a respected director, whose previous works include “Midas” and “Tazza.”

The only information now available about “The Heirs” is that it isgoing to be a romantic comedy and Lee Min Ho, 25, and Park Shin Hye, 23,will play the lead roles.

The casting of such young actors in the starring roles show that thedrama is expected to have a different, more youthful focus than “AGentleman’s Dignity,” the last drama Kim wrote. “A Gentleman’s Dignity”was about four men in their 40s.

“The Heirs” will air later in 2013.



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