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2PM Taecyeon and FTISLAND Lee Hong Ki on "We Got Married": Getting Hitched To Entertain

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Taecyeon, Lee Hongki, 2PM, FTISLAND, We Got Married

The Stars of 'We Got Married Global Edition' Fuji Mina, Lee Hong Ki, Taecyeon, and Emma Wu

2PM and FT Island fans are eager to see Taecyeon and Lee Hong Ki in the global edition of the popular reality showWe Got Married.The show will pair them up with two starlets from abroad, Emma Wu, a Taiwanese idol singer who is also known as Gui Gui, and Japanese actress Fuji Mina.

The candid interactions between the couples will be filmed while they complete weekly missions and try to understand the differences in their cultures.

We Got Marriedis a popular program already.Fans in Korea have always appreciated the opportunity to see idols relaxed in casual settings, it serves as a very humanizing and humbling experience.The upcoming global edition has garnered a great deal of international attention and is set to air in 21 different countries.The producers had a lot of success with last year's Chinese edition of the program, and this international version is expected to vamp up the show's popularity around the world.

But the implications of such a reality show go even deeper than just satisfied viewers and increased ratings.There is real potential here for We Got Marriedto influence the Korean mindset and culture.

South Korea is an extremely exclusive, homogenized country, and while international marriages are becoming more commonplace, they are still widely unaccepted.

Typically speaking, the most common real-life examples are with women from poorer countries in south Asia, and are generally looked down upon in Korean society as a whole.The women are expected to adapt to a new way of life and "Koreanize" when they tie the knot.Children of such arrangements are often taunted and bullied in school.

We Got Married Global Editionis going to help break down these barriers and show audiences that inter-cultural marriages can be successful, but they take some patience and understanding.A global partnership has way less to do with where you come from than who you are.

Living their own real-life version of We Got Married Global Edition, newlyweds Josie Bergin and Suk Chang Ko agree.The couple met while Josie was living and working in South Korea and they currently live in New York City.When asked about her international relationship, the new wife said, "I think any relationship is going to have differences whether it is culture, family dynamic, values, etc.My marriage to a Korean works because we respect and enjoy learning about the differences of our cultures. We don't see our differences as obstacles. Our differences are one of the many reasons why we love each other."

When announcements were made that We Got Marriedwas going global, both Taecyeon and Lee Hong Ki jumped at the chance to appear in the reality show."Since a long time ago, I have always wanted to get married to a foreigner. There were even times where I imagined myself to be getting married. Although it is make-believe, it feels pretty interesting to be experiencing married life in reality. When I heard that 'We Got Married' was going global, I immediately accepted the offer to appear in it. If it was just the normal 'We Got Married', I would most probably not appear in it," Hong Ki said at a press conference this week.

The four stars answered questions, posed for pictures, and also gave the audience a preview of scenes from the reality show which will premiere next weekend around the world.

The excitement from the crowd leaves us all with high hopes for the program, but keep in mind, these international couples are certainly not limited to the television.Young people all across Korea are looking beyond appearances and culture to prove that love does conquer all, and hopefully We Got Married Global Edition can help them break down the barriers in their own relationships.

We Got Married Global Title Scene:

Real-life We Got Married Global Edition - Newlyweds Josie Bergin and Suk Chang Ko:

Rain’s “La Song” Makes A Comeback on Chinese Song Chart After Two Years

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Rain’s “La Song” Makes A Comeback on Chinese Song Chart After Two Years

The comeback of La Song on QQ Music Charts can also be attributed to the Korean singers newest appearance on the Chinese Running Man broadcast on Would possibly 21st. Following the episodes airing, Rain turned into the maximum searched keywords on online portals and was once followed with La Song achieving #1 on music virtual charts.

Meanwhile, Rain is lately on his 2dglobalexcursion and may beacting in Macao on June 4th and Beijing on the 18th. He recently finished performances in Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo.

“Produce 101” Trainees To Drop Lawsuit Opposed to Their Firm After Achieving Agreement

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Produce 101 trainees Lee Hae In and Lee Su Hyun from SS Entertainment made the headlines in early Might subsequently news they'd filed a lawsuit for the agency to terminate their exclusive contract, citing that it was once too long and did now notget maintain of the important vocal and dance classes as promised in addition the damaged promise of debuting in the year.

The two women representative and legal professionalprinted on Could 25th that the agency has agreed to terminate the girls contract without any additional prerequisitesthroughout a assembly just the day prior. He adds, Lee Hae In and Lee Su Hyun would truly like to ask for forgiveness to enthusiasts for being worried them.

Lee Hae In and Lee Su Hyun were eitherremoved in the 11th episode of Produce 101. SS Entertainment may bethe house of boy staff The Legend.

BTOB Gets In a position For Mnet M! Countdown in China With a Shave in the Car

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BTOB Gets In a position For Mnet M! Countdown in China With a Shave in the Car

Other Korean artists who might beacting at M! Countdown in China come with FTISLAND, G-Friend, T-ARA, Shinhwa, SISTAR, VIXX, Jeon Hyosung, FIESTAR and Cosmic Girls. Chinese artists will be provide equallyneatly alongside Wu Ying Chie, Jolin Tsai, Li Yuchun and 105-member ladyneighborhood SNH48.

YG Entertainment Receives Massive Sum in Investment From Quite so much of Chinese Companies

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YG Entertainment Receives Massive Sum in Investment From Quite so much of Chinese Companies

According to reports on Would possibly 27th, the CEO of YG Entertainment, Yang Min Suk, has plans on assembly amongst the CEOs of every respective companies, in Seoul at the Hyatt Hotel at the 31st to signal the vital papers in regards to the investment agreement. Below the agreement, YG will factor approximately $55 million of stocks for the second-largest shareholder of Tencent, Weiying, whilst approximately $30 million shares owned via Yang Hyun Suk and CEO Yang Min Suk can be transferred to Tencent, making the 2 Chinese corporations the agencys 3rd and fourth largest shareholders at 4.5% and 8.2% respectively.

The deal will make the two Chinese firms YGs third- and fourth-largest shareholders, respectively, with 4.5 % and 8.2 percent stakes in the company.

YG Entertainment released a commentary saying, Our corporate has noticed a 30% build up in sales during the last 10 years, it used to bedecided that to take care of that growth, expansion into China is important. 

Father-Daughter Duo Matthew Douma and Jeon Somi Spotted Walking In combination to a Recording

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On Might 28th, the circle of relativeswas once spotted walking arm in arm on their way to a scheduled recording for the diversity show Happy Together 3. Jeon Somi looked fullystunning with an enormous smile on her face as the agenda allowed her to spend a while with her father in spite of her very busy schedule as a member of womanneighborhood I.O.I.

Meanwhile, she is constantly keeping busy as a section of her promotions with I.O.I who is acting Dream Ladies on quite so much oftune shows. As smartly as music display appearance, I.O.I may be making a couple of appearances on a wide range of tv shows.

Image: Father-daughter Matthew Douma and Jeon Somi walking to Pleased Together 3 recording / Newsen

Baek A Yeon Pulls Off Gorgeous Reside Karaoke Quilt of IU’s “End of Each Day”

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Baek A Yeon Pulls Off Gorgeous  Reside Karaoke Quilt of IU’s “End of Each Day”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterJYP Entertainments soloist Baek A Yeon took on one of IUs toughest songs to sing, Finish of Each Day, making a song the music for a karaoke are living special video for Dingo Music.

Published on Might 28th, the talented feminine vocalist sang with interest as she sang the normal IU track with her own twist, hitting all the notes perfectly. End of Each dayis thought about as one of IUs more harder track to hideby capability of fans, making it the entire more amazing for Baek A Yeon to sing.

Though enthusiasts agreed that Baek A Yeon has done a impressiveactivity alongside her karaoke live cover, they have got voiced out their critiques that the song is a ways better suited for IUs vocal tone and color.

Seol Ah And Soo Ah Be informed To give coverage to Daebak From Strangers On “The Go back Of Superman”

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Seol Ah And Soo Ah Be informed  To give coverage to Daebak From Strangers On “The Go back Of Superman”

Seol Ah And Soo Ah Be toldTo be offeringcoverage to Daebak From Strangers At theGo back Of Supermanleonid Would possibly 29, 2016 0 Daebak is kept secureby way of his legitimate older sisters on KBS2’s “The Return Of Superman!

Suddenly, an unfamiliar guy approaches the youngsterswhilst their father and the displaysgroup of workers are away. The stranger is in truth in cahoots with their father, who asked him to assist the children practice how to react in case a stranger attempts to kidnap them.

Just as Lee Dong Gook requested, the guygives them sweet and asks them if they wish to become play somewhere else. Seol Ah and Soo Ah fall for the temptation of the candy and hang his hands, while Daebak doesn’t protest when the man starts wearing him away.

Watch: Lovelyz Drops Stunning Choreography Edition Of “Destiny” MV

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Watch: Lovelyz Drops Stunning Choreography Edition Of “Destiny” MV

Watch: Lovelyz Drops Stunning Choreography Edition Of “Destiny” MVilmare42 Might 29, 2016 0 Lovelyz has shared a choreography version in their MV for “Destiny”!

On Could 30 at the hours of darkness KST, the gang dropped a lovely new video of themselves dancing to Destiny, which displaysfanatics their choreography from get started to finish. Naturally, here ishighest for any fans who needto test out out the dance themselves! Check out the video below.

Lovelyz released their track Destiny as phase of their new album A New Trilogy, which got here out on April 25. The upbeat song was once written by Onepiece, a composing team lead by potential of singer and manufacturer Yoon Sang, and the long-established MV lately surpassed 2.5 million perspectives on YouTube. 

Man Booker Winner Speaks of Amazement at Prize

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Han Kang, the winner of the fellow Booker World Prize, on Monday told journalists she felt "strange" on winning the award for a unique published nine years ago."The Vegetarian", used to befinished 11 years ago yetsimplest published in English ultimate year. Kang spoke of her amazement at winning an award overseas.The novel follows the tale of a lady who makes a decisionto preventdining meat because of a aggravatingrevel in in her childhood, and believes she is becoming a tree. First published in 2007, "The Vegetarian" sold 20,000 copies till last year, but sales have surged because the English translation won the prize. Changbi Publishers stated it has publishedany other 250,000. So far, publishing rights for the novel had been sold in 27 countries. "Human Acts", some other newthrough Han, has also been translated into English and publishing deals have been signed in 10 countries.Speaking at an match in Seoul, Han praised Deborah Smith, the Briton who translated "The Vegetarian", for her very goodactivity bringing to existence the which means and refined nuances she intended. The instancechanged into the launch of her new novel, "The Elegy of Whiteness", which she said expresses the resilience of human beings in the face of lifelong suffering.Han says she is making plans a new novel and needsto begin writing once possible. She suggested readers to method her books no longer to seek answers, but to be exposed to more questions and to open their hearts and minds in embracing Korean literature.

Watch: Woman Workforce Member Puts Her Own Spin On 2NE1′s “Lonely” On “King Of Mask Singer”

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Watch: Woman  Workforce Member Puts Her Own Spin On 2NE1′s “Lonely” On “King Of Mask Singer”

Watch: LadyTeam Member Puts Her Own Spin On 2NE1s Lonely On King Of Mask Singerleonid Would possibly 29, 2016 0 The singer performing under the alias of “Bunny Bunny” takes to the air her mask and unearths a familiar face in the back of it, sudden the target market and panel individuals on MBC’s “King of Mask Singer.

SpoilerAt theCould 29 episode of the show, “Bunny Bunny” and “My Love, My Bride” face off for a possibilityto prevent reigning champion Our VicinitySongTotal from achieving a 10-match winning streak.

The circularleads to a victory for “My Love, My Bride” with a 57-42 vote, and so “Bunny Bunny” finally ends up having to unveil her identity.