Lee Seung-gi's first action drama,

Lee Seung-gi's first action drama, "Gu Family Book"

Lee Seung-ki made up as Choi Kang-chi and displayed some action.

Lee was smiling brightly as he started his first action scene for the upcoming MBC drama "Gu Family Book".

He had a long talk with the action director and played out his routine before actually going into shoot first.

When the sign was given, Lee displayed punches, kicks and other quick moves. In the continuous 8 hours or so he showed no signs of being tired.

After the first scene, Lee said, "I prepared from step one, carefully. I don't remember how I did the scene as I was so focused and tried hard. The infamous director taught me well".

The half manhalf beast character of Choi Kang-chi requires Lee to learn action from an action school and even learn how to ride a horse.

"Gu Family Book" is a martial arts fiction drama about a half manhalf beast struggling to become human and live more like one.

This drama is written by Kang Eun-kyeong from "Love, Bread and Dreams" and produced by Sin Woo-cheol from "Secret Garden".