10 Unexpected Styles That BTS Flawlessly Pulls Off

10 Unexpected Styles That BTS Flawlessly Pulls Off

When BTS stepped out on the red carpet of the Billboard Music Awards, no less than Vogue called them The Best Dressed Boy Band. Even if they were all dressed in suits from designer label Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello, you could still see each members swag shining through. When they first debuted, they started out with a style that was reminiscent of school delinquents and typical bad boys, but now they are slowly becoming the next biggest style stars on TV, magazines, and even in real life. There are a lot of distinct styles theyve worn in every era, but here are some of the most unexpected on and off-screen trends that BTS seriously knows how to pull off.

First and foremost, we NEED to talk about the fitting of their pants. Its like they have a Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants thing going on where one pair can fit perfectly on each member no matter their size or height. Even in their performance outfits, their pants are so snug yet they move with so much ease. And with all that rigorous dancing, they still manage to look put together without much wardrobe malfunctions, perhaps to the dismay of fans!

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Whether its tight leather pants, slim fit jeans, or ripped denim, the boys still look good from any angle.

W magazine previously included the choker in the list of trends that should die in 2017. Its the ubiquitous little cord or thick ribbon that you see on the necks of It girls and possibly every Coachella style-inspired millennial on social media. But who says chokers are only for women? BTS jumped in on the trend and gave it their own twist by wearing a variety of choker materials: velvet, ribbons, ones with a silver pendant, animal printed ones, and chokers of different colors.

The Hawaiian shirt mostly worn by tourists was declared the most surprising trend for 2016. Instead of wearing the colorful, printed outfit in a clichéd summer video where they gallop and splash water around the beach, BTS made it look badass by incorporating it into their hip-hop/street style for their Fire MV.

Jumpers are kind of hard to pull off, but theyre extremely comfy; you just want to live in it. Some BTS members seem to like it (especially Rap Monster), and they manage to look both cute and manly at the same time.

Its hard not to look like a clown when you wear a bright colored combo, but again, its not the case with BTS.

BTS representing the colors of the rainbow

Some well-thought-out color coordination from a magazine shoot

Neutral and pastel colors

Yes, BTS has a sweet and soft side too. Which is why its refreshing to see them wear fresh colors that show off another side that we rarely see in their strong performances and MVs. For their Spring Day promotions, they paired this color trend with their signature chokers, which was quite unexpected but it still looked great!

Speaking of Spring Day, another trend that was seen in their concept outfits which added to their overall Spring boyfriend look was the ribbon and flower.

Whether its a beanie, beret, wide-rimmed, or a questionable hat choice by Rap Monster, the BTS members still pull it off effortlessly.

Making straw hats an it item?

Fishnet stockings and lace

Since were talking about the unexpected, BTS wore fishnet stockings and lace key pieces for a shoot. And while these items give off that 50 Shades of Grey vibe, BTS worked it.

Much like their ability to pull off tight and sexy fitted pants, they can also rock the wide-legged look.

But well give first place to Rap Monster on this one, who not only wore wide-legged pants, but also a corset and a choker for maximum effect!

No matter what they wear, BTSs realness still shows. And whether its a fancy designer outfit or something they picked for themselves, you know they always slay.

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