10 Times G-Dragon Turned Crazy Outfits Into High Fashion

10 Times G-Dragon Turned Crazy Outfits Into High Fashion

As most of you already know, G-Dragon is one of the greatest fashion kings in the Asian hemisphere. During his career, hes been sponsored by many high label brands, including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, and several others. In the fashion industry, his confidence and unpredictable taste in style gives him an advantage: he can turn anything into a masterpiece. It doesnt matter if the clothes look strange; in G-Dragons universe, anything goes and everything works. His looks below will prove it.

1. Samsung outreach concert: 03/27/2014

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Is it even possible to take a parachute harness and turn it into an outfit? Yes, yes it is. G-Dragon can turn basically anything into gold, and this harness shirt is no exception.

2. Instagram update: 04/07/2017

With this outfit, I can definitely see G-Dragon playing a role in a gangster drama someday. Those baggy pants could earn him some serious reputation. After all, you cant mess with a man who loves fancy pants.

3. We Like 2 Party: 05/19/2015

I think its safe to say that G-Dragon is the ONLY person on the planet who can pull off this outfit. With those khaki overalls and his bucket hat, he looks like hes ready to do some serious fishing (in style, of course).

Check out his full outfit in BIGBANGs MV below:

4. Melon Music Awards: 07/11/2015

I really dont know about this one. Maybe its the mullet, or maybe its those retro shades. . . But I get the feeling that G-Dragon traveled back in time to the 80s just so he could steal that sweater.

5. Infinite Challenge: 12/17/2016

Aww, look at this little ray of sunshine! Hes so adorable in those bumblebee stripes, it just makes you wanna pinch his cheeks. Im pretty sure if anyone else tried to wear this jacket, theyd end up looking terrible.

6. AIA Now Festival: 08/14/2014

I think we all know where G-Dragon found this shirt: in the bottom of a grandpas closet. To be honest, though, Im totally diggin this look. These days, beachy printed t-shirts seem to be making their way back into summer fashion trends.

7. BIGBANG 0.TO.10 FINAL IN SEOUL: 01/08/2017

We all get a little lazy sometimes, and occasionally, we end up wearing pajamas in public. While some of us might manage to look slightly decent, I doubt any of us could ever look as great as G-Dragon in his purple bathrobe. Just look at him work that swag.

8. Yoo Hee Yeols Sketchbook: 09/10/2012

There is no debate. G-Dragon has officially earned his status as a fashionista with this outfit. Forget that cotton candy color scheme, he is literally wearing a skirt made out of zippers.

9. Incheon airport: 08/14/2014

To all you country rodeo junkies out there, this ones for you. The unique stitching in G-Dragons jacket gives off that one-of-a-kind designer feel. If anyone ever tries to tell you the cowboy look is outta style, this will definitely prove them wrong.

10. Instagram update: 03/29/2013

I really wish I knew what G-Dragon was thinking when he wore this. With those gold embroidered shorts and that double-purse action going on, that furry headdress looks like it actually fits with the overall outfit. If we could just get a glimpse into that genius mind of his, I bet wed all become fashion experts.

Can you recall any other crazy outfits from G-Dragon? Share them with us in the comments!

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