10 Things You Didnt Know About Hong Jong Hyun

10 Things You Didnt Know About Hong Jong Hyun

Hong Jong Hyun is co-starring in the new drama The King Loves, alongside Im Siwan and YoonA. Its been a long road of modeling on runways, getting small parts in K-dramas, and being a well sought after guest on various variety shows, and it seems as though his breakthrough starring role is right around the corner. For those of you who have been following Hong Jong Hyun for awhile, you might already know a lot about his personality, which seems to be rather simple and laid back. But just in case you didnt know, here are 10 facts that I found interesting, endearing, or just outright adorable about Hong Jong Hyun.

Lets start with an obvious one.

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1. Hes one of 5 members in a model crew called Model Avengers.

This group of handsome models includes Kim Young Kwang, Kim Woo Bin, Sung Joon, and Lee Soo Hyuk. They usually spend their time hanging out together at the gym or at Kim Young Kwangs pad. Can you imagine seeing them in one place at the same time? Heaven.

2. He loves cars and playing with toy cars.

When he was on We Got Married, he showed his obsession with RC cars and had said he has a pretty big collection. Adorable, isnt it?

Even though hes known to be a bit hard to become good friends with, his fellow Model Avenger friends have said that he follows them around and shows a lot of aegyo. They say that hes the type to hang onto them and always bother them, but they think its adorable.

4. Hes actually a good rapper and singer.

This was displayed on an episode of Running Man — so impressive! What cant he do?!

5. If he could introduce his older sister to anyone in Model Avengers, he said it would be Kim Young Kwang.

It seems as though Hong Jong Hyun has a special bond and connection with Kim Young Kwang, as hes stated countless times that they have similar personalities. Theyve also been on two reality shows together, where they had to go on a trip — just the two of them!

6. Hes a lover of nature and animals.

Here he is with his pet dog, Haerong.

7. When he was younger, he had dreams of being either a soccer player or veterinarian!

He said in an interview that that his friends were interested in basketball and baseball, he couldnt get enough of soccer! His love for animals seems to have run really deep as well, considering he wanted to be a vet!

8. He likes doing extreme activities.

It seems as though our adorable model likes doing tricks with cars and riding motorcycles. Hes admitted to learning how to drift with his car because he enjoys the thrill of it. He also mentioned in an interview that his friends are really concerned about his safety because of his interest in these extreme activities, especially riding motorcycles, so he tries not to anymore.

9. He prefers using his body.

Its no secret that Hong Jong Hyun doesnt like variety shows where hes put on the spot to talk a lot. He doesnt like the pressure of being filmed and having to be funny or entertaining, so he prefers shows like Law of the Jungle and Running Man. The other guests and crew members on Law of the Jungle couldnt praise him enough for how helpful and hard-working he was!

10. His favorite type of music is slow jam.

He says he likes ballads and recommended the song Sure Thing by Miguel when he was interviewed on the radio. Looks like hes got great taste in music!

Hey Soompiers, what other cool facts do you know about Hong Jong Hyun? Let me know in the comments below!

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