10 Reasons Why Jungkook Is Still A Kid At Heart

10 Reasons Why Jungkook Is Still A Kid At Heart

You may have forgotten that Jungkook is still a kid, but these moments will remind you that he is still young and the silly person he was when he first debuted.

Its been four years since his debut, but BTSs maknae has remained the same at heart. His cool and mature on-stage persona may cause you to forget it, but he is just as silly as he was when he was younger.

Check out these ten moments thatll remind you Jungkook is still a goofy kid.

1. Jungkooks special necktie

Jungkook showed just how silly he can be when we went into the water, caught and fish, and wore the fish as a necktie.  He is very innovative.

Jungkook is still the youngest, after all, and the older members are always victims of his silly antics.

Jungkook is still a young boy, and doesnt want to be called oppa. Dont call him oppa!

Jungkook found a stray animal, and has such a generous heart that he gave it his hand to eat!

5. Jungkook eating forbidden things

The maknae needs to be reminded of what he cant eat.

6.  Jungkook is a fan of rocks

No matter how old he is, Jungkook still plays with rocks.

Jungkook tried to firebend on the set of a music video, proving that he is still a silly kid.

8. Jungkooks various talents

The other members of BTS are even amazed by Jungkook.  He is full of of cool talents, even when those talents shown during random moments.

9. Jungkook teasing the other members

Jungkook may be the youngest, but he still teases the other members.

Sometime he just does weird things for no reason.