10 Quotes From Fight My Way That Really Hit Home

10 Quotes From Fight My Way That Really Hit Home

Though KBSs Fight My Way is now over, its very real portrayal of very real issues faced by so many around the world remains with us, along with some lines from the main characters that made us feel a little less alone in the world.

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1. I may live embarrassingly every day, but you shouldnt! Dont look down on yourself!

2. Hey, Go Dong Man. Youre a nut job, but youre not a loser. Youre going to succeed. I know it. Do other people know you? Ive known you for 20 years. Theres no one in this world who knows you better than I do. So believe me. No matter what anyone says, youre going to succeed.

3. Lets just say I dont. Its better to live as if you dont have a dream. If you do have a dream, you feel sorry for yourself. Must everyone have a dream, anyway? Even if I dont have a dream, the world goes round just fine.

Episode 3, Go Dong Man when Choi Ae Ra asks if he has a dream.

4. When you want to cry, pretending that you are okay is not cool. When you want to cry, just crying is the cool thing to do.

Episode 3, Go Dong Man after Choi Ae Ra gets turned down for a job offer.

Episode 8, Choi Ae Ra during an interview when asked what she was doing when everyone else was getting experience.

6. Even though we woke up earlier than others, even though we went to bed later than others, we never had time. We lived harder than anyone, but because a resumé that doesnt know anything seems to pretend to know all of me, Im angry, Im frustrated.

7. Its not Youth is for being in pain, its Youth is for making trouble.

8. Dont [give me advice]. Im not going to pass the interview anyway, right? So please dont hurt me. I have the right to not be hurt. Ill be the one that decides my limits and capabilities.

Episode 9, when Choi Ae Ras interviewer tries to give her life advice.

9. Being a good mom, being a good wife is my dream. Does wanting to be a mom not count as a dream? Does everybody in the world have to self-improve? You guys are all capable and do well for yourselves. Cant I just live for my family? Its nothing worse than you guys.

Episode 12, Baek Seol Hee

10. Isnt where you are right now the major leagues for you? What Im saying is, isnt where youre happy the majors for you? Just go with the thing that makes your heart beat faster.

Fight My Way airs every Monday and Tuesday. Watch the latest episode at Viki!10 Quotes From Fight My Way That Really Hit Home