10 Of The Best Tweets About Obama And SHINee

10 Of The Best Tweets About Obama And SHINee

In case you missed it, the former U.S. President Barack Obama mentioned SHINee at the Asian Leadership Conference! This news rocked Shawols, and it wasnt long before the memes started rolling in. SHINees Key even thanked Obama on Instagram! Heres 10 of the best tweets about this random recognition!

1. Every Shawol can relate

Obama: dont call me down for dinner michelle Im streaming SHINees Tokyo dome concert its about to go off

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— rev (@jinkistar) July 3, 2017

Obama: hello is a song released in 2010 by SHINee THE REAL KINGS OF KPOP STAN TALENT STAN SHINEE pic.twitter.com/ottuA1Vfqn

— rose loves king hyuk (@ROSEKlBUM) July 3, 2017

3. The haters are irrelevant

yall cant call shinee old flops anymore when Obama is a whole shawol

4. The fanclub has a new president

Obama left the presidency of the United States only to become the New president of SHINee world no tea just facts

I bet Obama was in disguise at the SHINee World Concert in LA. I love that he stans talent. I WILL FOREVER BE SCREAMING ABOUT THIS pic.twitter.com/MyFPg13rZc

— Cortney Anna (@ontaekey_) July 3, 2017

6. Pearlescent aqua blue house

how can you call shinee flops when obama is a shawol??? smh white house who its the pearlescent aqua blue house now pic.twitter.com/kVlwOqGxVt

— grayi (@gayjjong) July 3, 2017

7. Ring Ding Dong must have been blasting through the White House

Hey, Joe! Did you hear about SHINees new album dropping his year? its gonna snatch us all pic.twitter.com/uJ3Xe248Os

— 🅱️onghyun (@kinqarredondo) July 3, 2017

8. This amazing account proves Shawols are hilarious

With my bias MINHO from SHINee. Its an honor to participate in this tag! #ShawolSelcaDay pic.twitter.com/h6k51DZNvy

— Barack Obama (@Obama_SHINee) July 4, 2017

Taemin used to be my bias but Minho has caught my attention lately I was hooked after Dibidibidis! Rap is alive again!

obama: pic.twitter.com/ZZQ9GSn3T7

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