10 Idols With Golden Proportions According To Plastic Surgeons

10 Idols With Golden Proportions According To Plastic Surgeons

Plastic surgeons and dentists created a list of the top ten visual idols with the golden ratio.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what if the beholder is science? The golden ratio has been a popular concept for a while, prompting plastic surgeons to map out the best facial structures possible. Based on the Fibonacci sequence, the geometric style in the golden ratio provides a symmetrical and beautiful face. With this, science even decided the most beautiful man in Asia.

Now surgeons and dentists working with Nate Pann have picked out the idols who already meet the standards provided by the golden ratio. Each idol on this list was chosen because their features closely follow the ratio and, of course, are beautiful. Trust them; theyre doctors.

Check out the list the doctors put together below!

10. B1A4s Gongchan holding back his smile is charming.

9. BigBangs T.O.P smile while performing is radiant.

8. Super Juniors Donghae is famous for his visuals.

7. BTOBs Sungjae has a bright smile that really adds to his looks.

6. Winners Jinwoo looks like a real winner even in casual clothing.

5. BAPs Daehyun is still handsome when making silly faces.

4. EXOs Sehun owns the stage with his moves, voice, and looks.

3. EXOs Suho shows off his golden ratio with a smolder.

2. INFINITEs L with a sultry gaze looks like he was meant to be a model.

1. SHINees Minho is so good-looking, theyre no questions why hes at the top of this list!