10 idol song recommendations by: Roy Kim

10 idol song recommendations by: Roy Kim

Would you have guessed that singer/song-writer Roy Kim is a listener of K-Pop idol songs?

Sure, his own musical sound consists of folk, acoustic, and pop mixtures, but when it comes down to it, Roy Kim is a plain, 24-year old lover of music, and music of all genre. About choosing his list of ’10 idol song recommendations’ with ‘Naver Music’, he said, “Before I became a singer, I had a sort of standard on the difference between idols and singers, but after becoming a singer myself I experienced firsthand how they lived and how they developed their fandoms, which helped me realize that such standards came about because of my ignorance. This was also a chance for me to see idols and their identities, of being able to tell their own stories.”

Check out Roy Kim’s choices below!

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4. Red Velvet’s “Somethin Kinda Crazy”

6. DAY6’s “You Were Beautiful”

7. Block B’s “Romantically”