[★BREAKING] Police release details about T.O.P marijuana scandal

[★BREAKING] Police release details about T.O.P marijuana scandal

Police have released additional details regarding T.O.Ps marijuana scandal. Earlier today, T.O.P was revealed to have tested positive for smoking marijuana back in June.

T.O.P was summoned and questioned by the police but since his charges were not proven the fact that he is serving his enlistment in the police department has not been affected. This may change depending on the case.

— Seoul Police Marketing Department

T.O.P is currently serving in the military in the same department that released the above statement.

We summoned T.O.P under suspicion of illegal activities related to drug use and conducted hair tests. These tests returned positive [for drug use].

— Police Narcotics Crime Unit

Police were able to arrest an alleged friend of T.O.P and questioned him, where he revealed T.O.P smoked marijuana with him.

I smoked marijuana with Choi Seung Hyun [T.O.P].

T.O.P denied that he smoked marijuana and revealed that it was simply an e-cigarette.

I smoked electronic cigarettes, not marijuana.

Source: SBS and Star News